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Why do we hold an Annual Conference?

The conference is a happy annual occasion when believers from all over the world get together to update their information. We share experiences, express concerns and listen to speakers whose aims parallel our own, God willing. By divine decree, we are one eternal family (49:10). During the Conference, we hope to set the example for ourselves, for our brothers and sisters, and for our children to last until the following Conference by God's grace and will. We must unify our Contact Prayers according to God's teachings in the Quran. We unify our Zakat practice, the fasting of Ramadan, the Hajj Pilgrimage, and we must maintain the highest moral character throughout our lives.

Submitters share Quranic knowledge (including through speeches or informal discussions) and praise and commemorate God (15:98-99, 73:8) while enjoying the company of others devoted to Him alone. We try to help each other remember God and remind each other of Quran. The conference is one of the means of growing our souls, God willing, by getting credit for forcing ourselves to be with the family of submitters (49:10, 18:28). It is an opportunity for striving (94:7-8), and for our intense and continuous remembrance of God during the time of the conference (2:152, 7:205, 4:103). It is a time of repentance and asking forgiveness from God (2:286, 9:112, 66:8). It is a time to kill our egos (2:54) and greet (6:54) and treat each other in the best possible manner (17:53).

God blesses believers with new knowledge including mathematical finds that remind us that God is One, and He is the author of the Quran. We update our information and learn from one another, God willing, and share and listen to wonderful experiences of others who also seek to worship God alone. It is a time to discover, reflect and remember the greatness of God and His miracles, and appreciate His blessings. It is a time to get to know wonderful submitters. It is a time of joy and happiness, which only God could bestow upon us.

It is a time to discuss what we did, as a community or as individuals. People work hard to spread the message of worshipping God alone or engage in other projects to strive in God's way. We get to hear from others and learn how we could improve it in the coming year, God willing.

The community of submitters is an incredible blessing from God. We thank God of our brothers and sisters in faith. Meeting family we have not seen in a long time and meeting new family members is a source of joy (by God's leave). Hearing the experiences of new Submitters strengthens our own faith. Also, sometimes we look at things from one angle when we are alone, or within a group of uniformly thinking people during our Quranic studies. The conference provides us a platform to learn from the experience of other submitters and how they view certain things. God often uses these interactions to teach us valuable lessons. It makes us realize that God is the One who is in control of everything (10:61), and we cannot monopolize God’s mercy and knowledge. “…Above every knowledgeable one, there is one who is even more knowledgeable.” (12:76)

In conclusion, the conference is a time of Submission to God, while enjoying a reunion with our “real” (soul) family members, God willing. To quote from the Introduction:

All Believers Constitute the One Acceptable Religion

As expected from the Creator’s final message, one of the prominent themes in the Quran is the call for unity among all believers, and the repeated prohibition of making any distinction among God’s messengers. If the object of worship is one and the same, there will be absolute unity among all believers. It is the human factor, i.e., devotion ¬†and ¬†prejudice to such powerless humans as Jesus, Muhammad, and the saints that causes division, hatred, and bitter wars among the misguided believers. A guided believer is devoted to God ALONE, and rejoices in seeing any other believer who is devoted to God ALONE, regardless of the name such a believer calls his or her religion.

We understand many submitters are unable to make this event since it is not an easy undertaking. It requires a lot of effort, resources, and prior planning. We pray that those who can make it to the conference by God’s grace come in peace, and bring their righteous attitude with them. May God be pleased with their efforts and bless them. As for those who cannot make it, but whose hearts are with the submitters, may God be pleased with them also, and help them come to conferences in the future.

Conference Guidelines

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