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True Islam “Hijacked”

Many articles were written, especially in the aftermath of September 11, about how the religion of Islam has been hijacked by a small group of terrorists. This is absolutely correct. The Quran, the holy scripture of Muslims, contains no justification for terrorism and killing innocent people.

We believe that this hijacking of the religion by terrorists will be a wake up call for the majority of silent Muslims who are decent, God-fearing people. We also believe that the true religion of Islam was actually hijacked many centuries ago, albeit slowly and subtly, by so-called Islamic scholars with only superficial or distorted knowledge of the teachings of the Quran. These scholars gradually abandoned the Quran in favor of unauthorized sources for social and political gain. They have been shaping a religion for the masses based on premises that have nothing to do with the true religion, and are divergent from what is clearly presented in the Quran.

There is a famous experiment called “Boiling Frog Syndrome.” The idea is that if you throw a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will jump out. But if you place the frog into a pot of lukewarm water and slowly turn up the heat, it will boil to death! In other words, when people become accustomed to practices over a sufficient period of time, they come to accept these practices as normal.

The Boiling Frog Syndrome explains how the “Muslim” masses have come to accept breaches of the Quranic teachings that would have provoked questioning and confrontation during the time of Prophet Muhammad. They have grown accustomed to distortions in the religion that are not sanctioned by the Quran.

Why does this great religion that produced unmatched civilizations now produce corrupt nations of the third world? Why are once proud, educated and progressive Muslims now economically and socially dependent? The picture is clear. When the Muslims followed the teachings of the Quran properly, they prospered. But, once they abandoned the words of God in the Quran and followed the corrupt teachings and innovations of their religious leaders, they began a long trail of decline.

So where does Islam stand today? We believe that True Islam (Submission) is like a precious jewel that is buried under piles of man-made innovations and social traditions that have little to do with the religion. The terrorists and fundamentalists who claim to act on Islamic tenets to justify their ends make things even worse for decent Muslims. Thus the water in the aforementioned pot has reached a critical temperature. The frog that would have jumped out long ago if he were thrown in abruptly is still accommodating these slow increases in temperature. Will our frog eventually awaken in alarm to the truth of his situation, that if he stays in the water he will be cooked alive, or will he remain in a state of warm contentment until it is too late? The Boiling Frog Syndrome is a warning for the true and caring Muslims to jump out of the pot and return to the basis of our great religion, the Quran.

Muslims will have to re-educate themselves about the Word of God in the Quran, other scriptures, and their history. They cannot blame the terrorists or the Western media anymore. The problem is a consequence of their inaction and ignorance. There is simply no room for complacency. Only Muslims can save themselves from the situation they are in, and only by God’s help. The Quran tells us:

[13:11] ...Thus, GOD does not change the condition of any people unless they themselves make the decision to change. If GOD wills any hardship for any people, no force can stop it. For they have none beside Him as Lord and Master.

Unless we Muslims jump out of this boiling pot, we do not have anyone but ourselves to blame.



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