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Submitters Perspective

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Happiness is
Submission to God Alone

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  1. Persevere in any good effort and do not fear to face difficulties and hardships.
    Success comes only after hardships. (2:45, 177; 94:5-8)
  2. Use intelligence, reason and historical precedents to understand and carry out God’s commands.
    (7:179; 8:22; 10:100; 12:111; 3:137)
  3. Speak the truth. Do not lie, although stratagem is allowed against adversaries.
    (8:7-8; 25:72; 33:70; 12:70-81)
  4. Enter into marriage with believers, do not marry disbelievers, and do not commit adultery.
    (5:5; 30:21; 17:32)
  5. Cooperate and help each other in good works; do not cooperate in evil works. (5:2)
  6. Eat and drink moderately, and avoid intoxicants and gambling. (7:31; 2:219)
  7. Dress decently. (24:30-31)
  8. Be kind and forgiving. (42:40,43)
  9. Do not ridicule or mock one another. (49:11)
  10. Do not ask about small and inconsequential details. (2:67-71; 5:101-102; 22:67)

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The above principles are prepared by the Quranic Society of Malaysia: 80 Jalan Gajah, 11200 Tg. Bunga, Penang, Malaysia. Please address all inquires on the subject to Kassim Ahmad at that address. His e-mail is Kassim@pc.jaring.my

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