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Submitters Perspective

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The Truth Prevails

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[74:32] Absolutely, (I swear) by the moon.

[74:33] And the night as it passes.

[74:34] And the morning as it shines.

[74:35] This is one of the great miracles.

[74:36] A warning to the human race.

[74:37] For those among you who wish to advance, or regress.

New Mathematical Findings

Dr. Rashad Khalifa was the original discoverer of the Quran’s mathematical composition based on the number 19, by God’s leave. Since then, many other people have contributed to the initial discoveries. All are according to God’s plan and by His mercy.

However, the rejecters of the Quran’s mathematical proofs and its message have challenged Dr. Khalifa for not being consistent in regard to the mathematical facts. One of their arguments to discredit his work was to accuse that he changed the writing of the initial letter “NuN” in verse 68:1 as ن و ن, to just come up with a divisible count of the letter “N” in that chapter.

Spelling of the initial “ن و ن” in 68:1

God Almighty gives us a hint in verse 21:87 about how to correctly spell “NuN.” This verse talks about Jonah and is given below.

[21:87] And Zan-Noon (Jonah, “the one with an `N’ in his name”), abandoned his mission in protest,

thinking that we could not control him. He ended up imploring from the darkness (of the big fish’s belly): “There is no god other than You. Be You glorified. I have committed a gross sin.”

Note that, instead of “Jonah,” God used Zan-NuN with the NuN spelled as “Noon waw Noon” which is one of the letters that composes that name. Now we have additional mathematical evidence, by the grace of God, to prove that writing “Zan-Noon” instead of Jonah was to teach us and confirm for us the proper writing of the initial letter NuN in 68:1 to be ن و ن.

The relationship between 21:87 and 68:1

The unique spelling of ن و ن (NuN) occurs in 21:87 and 68:1. It is pronounced as “Noon waw Noon” in Arabic. The gematrical or the numerical value of the Arabic letter ن, or N is 50. The gematrical value of the Arabic letter و, or W is 6. Therefore the total gematrical value of ن و ن is 106 (50+6+50). For more information about what a gematrical value is and the numerical values of the Arabic letters, please refer to appendix 1
Let us list the physical facts about 21:87 and 68:1.

  • Verse 21:87 has 79 letters, and its total gematrical value is 9784.
  • Verse 68:1 has 18 letters, and its total gematrical value is 695.

So, we have the numbers 21, 87, 79, 9784 for the first verse, and 68, 1, 18, 695 for the other verse. Let us add the digits that make up these numbers.

2+1+8+7 + 7+9 + 9+7+8+4 + 6+8+1 + 1+8+ 6+9+5 = 106

This total, 106, is exactly the same as the gematrical value of ن و ن. Praise God. Thus this is a confirmation that the initial N in verse 68:1 must be written as ن و ن in its three-letter Arabic root format as NuN (or Noon waw Noon in Arabic).

Indeed, God is in full control of everything.

We will show them our proofs in the horizons, and within themselves, until they realize that this is the truth. Is your Lord not sufficient as a witness of all things? (41:53)

Research provided by Joseph S.

Free Qurans to Libraries

Masjid Tucson donates copies of the translation of the Quran to the libraries. This is part of a project we started in 2003. It is called “Let the world know.” We need your help in identifying the libraries that can use a copy of the Quran. God willing, it is easy to get involved and get credit from God for spreading His message. For more details on the project, please see:

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Remember that the majority of people are still misinformed about the true religion of Islam (Submission). Our goal is to make the best translation of the Quran available to everyone for reference.

If you need a copy for yourself, or for someone you know, please see our catalog page on how to order one: catalog