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My Path to Submission

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I found another site. They had the miracle based on number 19 too but claimed to be ‘Sunnis’ and were against those whom they called ‘Khalifites.’ They had done their own research. They also had an article which supposedly proves that 9:128-129 do belong to the Quran. This relieved me at that time and I was proud that “my Sunni community” has struck back again.

In the meantime I also kept my focus on the miracle of the Quran. I couldn’t leave it. Sometime later, I was still 19 at that time, a sudden thought came into my mind “couldn’t this miracle be true?” I reviewed the miracle.  Then I reviewed the part which showed that 9:128-129 did not belong to the Quran. Then I reviewed the counter article at the Sunni site and then you know what? I realized that the things that were represented even there were also telling me that those verses do NOT belong to the Quran although the site’s intention was to show the opposite. Praise God!

As it was revealed into my mind, I got struck and somewhere I reached a point where I said to myself  ‘By God!  This is the Truth’ i.e., QURAN ALONE and it was the mathematical miracle which led me to believe in this fact. My ego broke into pieces and the fanaticism was over.

The Truth was always more important to me than anything else in the world. I only couldn’t realize this before. I thank God a thousand times for having guided me.  So now I am a believer in Quran Alone and its mathematical miracle.  As soon as my parents learned about this they started to call me one who is deviated from the path.

Then I went to a “Mufti” with whom I had a discussion and told him not to follow any hadith besides Quran. He came up with the same Salat and Zakat argument. I told him the verse ‘Which hadith besides this do they believe in?’ He said “No, this doesn’t mean that what you are saying. Never did people before relate this verse to such a meaning.” Then at the end, he told me to pray to God that He guide me rightly, otherwise I would be lost. He also added that I should be very careful not make a wrong prayer to God as then I might be misguided further.

So that day I went home thinking about this incident in the night. Next morning I got up for Fajr prayer, offered it and then raised my hands as usual and said to God “Oh God save me from all FALSE KINDS of hadith.” I made this specific prayer because I thought as the “Mufti” told me that if I only said “God save me from all hadith” then God would misguide me by making me reject all, which in fact could have been true since the QURAN is also called hadith i.e., the BEST HADITH and the ONLY HADITH.

So after making this prayer I decided to read the Quran. I took a Mushaf, which does contain the whole Quran in it, although it contains other non-Quranic material as well, and opened it. By mere chance these verses appeared to me from Sura 45:

[45:6]  These are God’s revelations that we recite to you truthfully. In which Hadith other than God and His revelations do they believe?

[45:7]  Woe to every fabricator, guilty.

ALLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHU AKBAR (GOD IS THE GREATEST)! From there on I knew that God had indeed answered my prayer and I was sure that all hadith besides Quran were mere fabrications. 

I hope you enjoyed my story, which is a true one. God Bless!

I. J.

[Ed’s Note: These comments are taken from an email by this submitter to the discussion board in 2003. The original email is much longer. The email is shortened to take out any personal information. We also made some minor grammatical corrections.

Also note that we would like to hear from other submitters’ uplifting experiences so that we can publish and share them with our readers.]