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More Evidence Confirms Two False Verses

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who do not understand’ (Verse 127), they decided that it was the last verse of Sura 9. But Ubayy Ibn Kaab told them that the Prophet had read to him two extra verse in this Sura: ‘A messenger has come to you from amongst you who cares very much about you….. to the end.’”

At the same time, all these references agree that Zeid Ibn Thabet found the last two verses of Sura 9 with Khuzeimah, and “did not find them with anyone else.” The obvious discrepancy is that Zeid Ibn Thabet was an intimate friend of Ubayy Ibn Kaab, and it simply does not make sense that Ubayy would have these two verses and would not tell his friend Zeid about them. Both men were prime writers of the Qur’anic revelation. God thus exposes the liars, and preserves His message to the world.

Quran sura 9 header

The last two verses of Sura 9 are documented as “Meccan” as we see above. It should be noted here that the only source of these two verses was, supposedly, Khuzeimah Ibn Thabet Al-Ansary, a late Medinan Muslim. Additionally, Sura 9 WAS THE LAST SURA EVER REVEALED IN MEDINA. It simply defies all logic that the last Medinan Sura should contain Meccan verses.
When the Prophet immigrated to Medina, the Qur’an continued to be revealed. Gabriel told the Prophet that Medinan verses belonged in Meccan suras (revealed before Hijra). This is why we find Medinan verses within Meccan suras, but not the other way around. A careful study revealed that with the exception of one sura (8) which straddled the Meccan and Medinan eras, no Meccan verses are found in Medinan suras. THE ONLY EXCEPTION IS SURA 9, WHICH HAPPENS TO BE THE VERY LAST SURA EVER REVEALED IN MEDINA. God’s exposure of the liars is nothing short of remarkable.

Certainly, it doesn’t make sense that the angel Gabriel would come to the Prophet and say, “I will give you two verses now that belong in a sura I will reveal to you 12 or 15 years from now.”


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Driven by the powerful emotions of idol-worship, the Prophet’s idolizers transgressed against Qur’an. However, God’s promise to protect and preserve Qur’an has been fulfilled through the Qur’an’s miraculous mathematical code