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Submitters Perspective

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Mathematical Code of Qur’an Found in Previous Scripture

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the point of view of meaning and content, for this level of meaning is not the most important one in the prayers. The text was formed to reflect mystical harmony, and any change would destroy it. (b) The liturgy received new importance and new meaning within the framework of religious practice. A completely new dimension was added in this way to the daily prayer service; it stopped being just a reciting of requests and praises of God in ancient formulas, and became a vehicle for becoming a participant in a mystical, divine harmony. The prayers suddenly received a new depth of meaning and importance, which was undreamed of in the thousand years that had passed since they were formulated.

According to Rabbi Judah and the Ashkenazi Hasidic school in general, there can be nothing accidental in the Bible, not even the forms of letters, the punctuation, the vocalization, and especially – in the numerical structures – the number of certain letters, consonants or vowels in a certain verse; the number of words from the same root; the number and variety of divine names in a certain pericope, the absence of one or more letters from a chapter, and many other elements of the Scriptures besides their content.

With the discovered of the Qur’an’s extensive 19-based code, the great mystery has now been unveiled. As detailed in my two books, “THE COMPUTER SPEAKS,” and “QUR’AN: VISUAL PRESENTATION OF THE MIRACLE”, the number 19 is God’s personal stamp, not only in His Holy messages to the world, but also throughout the universe. For example, the sun, the moon, and the planet Earth line up in the same relative position once every 19

years (see Jewish Encyclopedia under “Calendar”). Haley’s Comet, the most profound heavenly phenomenon, visits our solar system once every 76 years (19x4).

19 is the numerical value of the Arabic Word for ONE (Waahhid), and Arabic is the language of Qur’an. Thus, the secret of the scriptures’ numerical code was destined to remain mysterious until God’s messages have been completed through the revelation of Qur’an.