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Obeying The Prophet

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You disregarded them. Consequently, you are now disregarded.’ We thus punish whoever transgresses, and refuses to believe the revelations of his Lord. Additionally, the retribution in the Hereafter is far worse and everlasting." (20:124-127)

"Whoever obeys the messenger is obeying GOD. As for those who turn away, we did not send you to be their guardian." (4:80)

"Anyone who opposes the messenger, after guidance had been pointed out for him, and follows other than the path of believers, we direct him in the direction he chose. He ends up in Hell; a miserable destiny." (4:115)

If we can rid our minds of the traditions, innovations, superstitions, and inherited ideas that were injected into our religion, and return to God and His messenger, we would realize that the present decline of the Muslim Ummah is the direct result of disobeying the Prophet.

What helped Satan in misleading the Muslims is that the blatant disobedience of

the Prophet takes the shape of loving the Prophet very much. As a rule, anything that exceeds its limits, becomes the exact opposite. When love exceeds the limits, it becomes hatred. Our love of the Prophet has exceeded the limits, until it turned into real hatred in the form of love. This is of course what Satan did to the Christians; they love Jesus so much that he disowns them on the Day of Judgment (5:117) and the Gospel of Mathews 7:21-23).

One of the most flagrant examples of our excessive love of the Prophet …. which turned into direct disobedience …. can be illustrated by studying Verse 285 of Sura 2.

Before I cite this verse, I wish to remind the reader that these words came out of the Prophet’s mouth.

"The messenger believes in what was sent down to him from his Lord, and so do the believers. All of them believe in GOD, and His angels, and His scriptures, and His messengers; ‘We do not

make any distinction among His messengers,’ and they say , ‘We hear and we obey. Forgive us, our Lord. To You is our ultimate return.’"

Is this what the Muslims say or do today?

Do the Muslims obey this powerful injunction that "We shall not make any distinction among God’s messengers" and that "We hear and we obey"?

Do the Muslims obey God and His messenger?

<To be continued in the next issue In Shaa Allah>



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