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Mathematical Miracle Of Qur'an Stumps The Missionaries

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Secondly on the matter concerning one’s relations as far as religion is concerned, where we are told to shun and abandon our relatives not in the same line with our own religion and belief in Quran.

<Editor’s note:
Here we need only quote Don Cupitt, University Lecturer in Divinity and Dean of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. In the book entitled “The Myth of God Incarnate.” Page 133. He writes: Jesus was highly critical of the family for strong religious reasons. For him, the call of the kingdom was away from family roles, not into them. The idealization of the family is a modern cultural creation, which the churches have validated, and now no modern bishop would dream of publicly endorsing Jesus’ views about the family.”>

Thirdly, he also made reference to the wars fought by the Holy Prophet Mohammed. As related in the Holy Qur’an God instructed the Prophet to take into his care the wives and the bounties of the war. This man said (that this) is not expected of any good leader and that God the living one could not command anybody to do these ugly things.

<Editor’s note:
These are of course flagrant lies, for the

Qur’an says the exact opposite in 8:67. >

At this point, I referred him to holy Qur’an 33:40 and 33:45-48.

Fourthly on the matter concerning marriage and divorce in Islam the man made reference to Quran chapter 4, that it is unreligious to divorce women, locked-in women for the offenses committed whatsoever.

When I told him that Mohammed usually acted on instruction from God, the man called this a brain-washing.

I am confused at this point and I was so much grieved that I broke my fast (of Ramadan) that day.

Dear brother in Islam, I need your spiritual advice. I love this religion and the approaches to it, but how I can convince the future unbelievers on the issues discussed above is a day dream to me.

My happiness was restored when I read a book called AL-QURAN THE ULTIMATE MIRACLE by Ahmad Deedat summarizing your discovery of the Mathematical Miracle of Quran, and published by the Islamic Education Trust of Nigeria. References were made to your books in defense of Quran and the Prophet Mohammed. As a result I decided to write to you directly. I do hope that you will do justice to my request as urgent as possible.


I beg you with the name of Allah, the Prophets and the seal of the Prophets (Mohammed) the holy Quran and by this holy month of Ramadan to send me the details of the Quran’s miracle as soon as possible.

God bless you.

Yours in Islam,
(Yusuf. K. Abiodum)


As always, we sent to this brother copies of the books “Qur'an: Visual Presentation of the Miracle” and “The Computer Speaks: God’s Message to the World,” which detail the miraculous mathematical composition of Qur'an, along with copies from selected pages from the book,” The Myth of God Incarnate” which was authored by outstanding Christians.

In 100% of these cases, the Mathematical Miracle of Qur'an utterly stumped the enemies of Qur'an. For it presents physical, incontrovertible, evidence that Qur'an could not possibly be written by humans.

It is with deep gratitude and thanks to Allah Subhanahu wa Taala that this awesome miracle, described by Allah Himself as “One of the greatest miracles” (74:30-35), has come out of this mosque. Literally millions of Muslims around the world now possess physical, examinable, and utterly indisputable proof that Qur'an is God’s message to all the people.