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Who is Imam Zaman?

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In Verses 16 & 17 of Sura 7, Satan pledges to continuously and ruthlessly skulk on the Muslims’ straight path; that he will come to them from their front, their back, their right, and from their left, in order to mislead them. The subject of THE HIDDEN ONE (Al-Muddath-thir) provided Satan with a golden opportunity, since a great deal of speculation can be introduced, taking advantage of the immense human curiosity with regard to prophecy.

The great power and cleverness of Satan is manifest in the fact that he did succeed in creating an idol, a god besides God, out of THE HIDDEN ONE after confusing the identity of the expected benefactor for the Sunnis and Shi’as alike.

While most Sunni Muslims do not attach a specific name to THE HIDDEN ONE, millions of Shi’a Muslims know THE HIDDEN ONE by the name Muhammad Ibn Al-Hasan Al-‘Askary.

Let us now calculate the numerical value of this most revered name by millions of Muslims:

It is certainly significant that 684 is a multiple of 19 (684 = 19 x 36); it is not a simple coincidence. Since 684 is a multiple of 19, the Qur’an’s common denominator, and the numerical value of Muhammad Ibn Al-Hasan Al-‘Askary, it would seem that he is confirmed as THE HIDDEN ONE, the expected Savior. However, this is the extent of Satan’s scheme. The mighty Satan undoubtedly knew about the Qur’an’s 19-based miraculous code. He then embarked on a devilish scheme aiming at confusing the vital issue of THE HIDDEN ONE and diverting attention of the Muslims from the true identity of their Savior. The devil has succeeded indeed in convincing the Muslims by the millions that THE TWELFTH IMAM (Muhammad Ibn Al-Hasan Al-‘Askary), who disappeared as a child almost 1200 years ago, is THE HIDDEN ONE. He then schemed to create an idol, another god besides God, out of THE HIDDEN ONE.

Quran 35:13-14 (Arabic)

Muhammad Ibn Al-Hasan Al-'Askary

The devil used truthful descriptions to introduce THE HIDDEN ONE, the expected Savior, to millions of Muslims across numerous generations. For example, he pointed out the following truthful facts:

**    THE HIDDEN ONE will save the Muslim Ummah;

**    THE HIDDEN ONE will unite all Muslims of the world.

**    THE HIDDEN ONE will lead the Muslims to dignity, prosperity, peace and guaranteed immediate       victory.

**    THE HIDDEN ONE is greater than any prophet.

**    THE HIDDEN ONE is greater than Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Noah, and all the prophets and messengers, combined.

Satan needed only to emphasize one falsehood; the true identity of THE HIDDEN ONE. The devil’s scheme was so formidable that he thoroughly succeeded in confusing the identity of IMAM ZAMAN for millions of Muslims.

But God the most high, be He glorified, has schemed His own infallible scheme:

Quran 8:30 (Arabic)

They plot and scheme, but so does God. Surely, God is the best schemer. (8:30)

God’s scheme was designed around Satan’s plot in such a way that the devil’s scheme backfires and exposes his wicked plan.

To view God’s flawless scheme, and at the same time reveal the identity of the true Savior, let us now calculate the numerical value of God’s final message to the world; AL-QUR’AN AL-KAREEM:

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