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Who is Imam Zaman?

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Al-Quran Al-Kareem

Thus, the numerical value of AL-QUR’AN AL-KAREEM, the universally acknowledged name of Qur’an, is exactly the same as that of THE HIDDEN ONE perpetrated by Satan as a human savior and benefactor.

While millions among the younger Muslims will readily see the light and discover the true identity of THE HIDDEN ONE, some of the older traditionalists will cling to their inherited myths; they will actually express great disappointment that IMAM ZAMAN, THE HIDDEN ONE, THE GREAT SAVIOR AND BENEFACTOR has turned out to be none other than AL-QUR’AN AL-KAREEM, the word of Almighty God. Some are destined to be downright upset.

Now let us repeat those truthful statements:

**  Qur’an will save the Muslim Ummah… if the Muslims truly follow Qur’an, the whole Qur’an, and nothing but Qur’an.

**  Qur’an will unite all Muslims of the world. Since there is only ONE QUR’AN, there will be no Sunnis, no Shi’as, no Hanafis, no Shafe’is, no Malikis, no Hanbalis, etc, etc.

**  Qur’an is greater than all the prophets combined, as evidenced in Qur’an 2:177, 2:285 & 4:136, where God’s scripture is consistently mentioned ahead of the prophets.

**  Qur’an, being the word of God, enjoys the exclusive descriptions as ‘AZEEM = Great (15:87), KAREEM = Honorable (56:77), ‘AZEEZ = Almighty (41:41) and MAJEED = Glorious (50:1). These are names of God Himself, and the word of God represents Him to us. No prophet has ever been described in these terms.

**  We find that Qur’an “speaks” in 11:1-4, saying, “I come to you from God as a preacher and a warner.”

**  We find that Qur’an is called RASOOL = Messenger of God in 3:101 and 65:11.

**  We see that the scripture is actually called IMAM in 11:17, 15:79, 17:71, 36:12, and 46:12.

**  Qur’an possesses the power to guide, while the prophets do not (28:56).

**  Qur’an lives for ever, preserved and protected by God, while the Prophets die (39:30).

**  Finally, if Qur’an is manifested to a mountain, the mountain will cringe and crumble, out of reverence for God:

Quran 59:21 (Arabic)

Unfortunately, it is a forgone conclusion that millions of Muslims will say: “But we already follow the Quran!!!” However, the painful fact is that they have been duped by Satan, who duped the Prophet Adam, into thinking that they are following the Qur’an.

Only a little bit of reflecting leads to the following realization:

The Muslims throughout the world have rejected Qur’an for 12 centuries now. They do not believe their Creator when He states that Qur’an is COMPLETE, PERFECT, AND FULLY DETAILED (6:19, 38, & 114).

The Islam being practiced around the world today is a distorted Islam; it has nothing to do with the Islam preached by God’s final Prophet Muhammad. Innovations, superstitions, stories, customs, and traditions have crept into Islam during the past 1200 years, and changed it to something else.

The Muslims, therefore, can never succeed until they go back to Qur’an; to the original Islam as preached by Muhammad.