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Submitters Perspective

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 The October issue of M.P. on Ismail Farooqi provoked a large number of responses: letters and telephone calls. One typical response was that of Brother Muhammad Chima of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The main point voiced by Brother Chima was that we should not pass judgment on anyone. I told the Brother that we never do; only God is judge, and we are allowed to determine anyone’s stand or destiny based on one’s own confessions and God’s criteria as given to us in Qur’an. Never judge anyone is a ploy and a devilish trick. I asked Brother Chima, “Would you say that disbelievers are going to Hell?” “Yes,” he agreed. God has told us in Qur’an that disbelievers and idol worshipers are going to Hell. Thus, if a person’s own confessions prove beyond doubt that he or she is a disbeliever or idol worshiper, then God’s judgment says that such a person is heading for Hell.

Brother Chima retorted, “How can you condemn to Hell a man said ‘Laa Elaaha Ella Allah: There is no God except the one God?’” I answered, “Ismail Farooqi did not say, ‘Laa Elaaha Ella Allah,’ he used to say, ‘Laa Elaha Ella Allah;

Muhammad Rasoolul-Laah :There is no god except the One God; Muhammad is a messenger of God,’ and this is Shirk (idol – worship).” Brother Chima sounded surprised, “Isn’t Muhammad Rasoolul-Laah?” I answered, “Yes indeed, and so is Moses, Jesus, Lot, Noah, Abraham, David, Solomon, Saalih, Hood, and many others. When you consistently say, ‘Muhammad Rasoolul-Laah,’ and neglect to say, ‘Saalih (for example) Rasoolul-Laah,’ this amounts to de facto denial of all other messengers. The Qur’an calls people who do this Arabic: these are the real disbelievers (These are the real disbelievers).”

“So, there is something wrong with saying Muhammad Rasoolul-Laah’ after saying ‘Laa Elaaha Ella Allah?’” Brother Chima interrupted. “Certainly,” I said, “For one thing, it represents disobedience of God and His messenger Muhammad. The words of God that came out of Muhammad’s mouth command us never to give distinction to any one prophet or messenger. Verse 285 (19x15) of Sura 2 orders us to give no distinction to any messenger, and to say, “We hear, and we obey.” This last statement is significant, because obviously God knew that the vast majority of Muslims will fall into Satan’s trap and will say, “We hear, but we disobey.”

Brother Chima said, “Don’t you believe that Muhammad is Rasoolul-Laah?” I said, “Certainly; the fact that we are strict Qur’anists means that we definitely KNOW  that Muhammad is Rasoolul-Laah; God’s final prophet. And it is precisely because we uphold Qur’an that we know that LAA ELAAHA ELLA  ALLAH must stand by itself if we are worshipers of Allah ALONE. To add MUHAMMAD RASOOLUL-LAAH represents idol worship and a clear defiance of God and His messenger.”

Brother Chima’s surprise alerts us as to the condition of most Muslims; they have fallen into Satan’s trap without being aware. The time to discover Satan’s tricks is NOW, for it will be too late in the Hereafter.
By the end of the conversation, I felt that Brother Chima was in full agreement with me, and that I have induced a lot of reflection and soul-searching by Brother Chima. I was truly impressed by his open mindedness and his sincere and scientific approach.

One of the questions I asked was, “How do you explain the overwhelming signs surrounding Dr. Farooqi, as detailed in the October issue?”