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Submitters Perspective

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God Almighty never looks for excuses to reject our Salat prayers. On the contrary, He wants us to do the right thing and to attain salvation (Qur’an 39:7). The mathematical miracle of Qur’an has now pointed out certain crucial requirements that must be fulfilled in order for the Salat to be accepted.

In the August issue of M.P., it was pointed out that the liturgy (Salat Prayers) must be observed to the letter as revealed by God through Abraham, and modified through Muhammad. The numerical structure of the Salat words must be strictly observed; the increase or decrease of one letter destroys the numerical combination and nullifies the Salat prayer. Consequently, the contact between the worshiper and God cannot take place.

The Qur’an teaches us that when Adam sinned, he could not utilize his own words to repent and express his remorse; God taught him the exact words whereby he repented and was redeemed (see Qur’an 2:37).  

The words and letters of the Salat Prayer are mathematically composed by God Himself and must be uttered in precisely the divine design of counts and sounds.  

The slightest alteration nullifies Salat. The word “SALAT” is rooted in the Arabic word “SILAT” which means “CONNECTION.”  As pointed out in the August issue, this CONNECTION cannot take place unless the numerical structure of the of the liturgy is strictly observed.

Unfortunately, Satan has succeeded in altering the Salat prayers for millions of Muslims, thus depriving them of making contact with their Creator. First, he talked them into adding the word “AMEEN” at the end of Al-Fatihah. This word is foreign, not Arabic, and  is  never  mentioned  in  Qur’an. But it effectively destroys the  numerical structure  of  the  Salat   words  by  adding more letters  and sounds. Second, all imams of all schools of thought (Madhahib or Sects), be them Sunni or Shi’a, have unanimously agreed that the recitation of Qur’an after Al- Fatihah in Salat is not obligatory. Our Creator orders us in 20:14 that Salat shall be devoted to Him alone. Qur’an mentions Mary, Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and many other names, and the usage of Qur’an in Salat leads to the mentioning of other names besides God. This destroys Salat. We are commanded to never mention any other names in Salat beside the name of God (Qur’an 72:18).

Third, Satan perfected his scheme by advocating TASHAHHUD in Salat, where the Muslims are tricked into commemorating Muhammad and his family, and Abraham and his family. These additions utterly destroy the connection (Salat) between the worshipper and his/her Creator.

TO SUMMARIZE this vital issue, the Salat prayer must fulfill the following requirements in order to be accepted:

  1. No name other than the name of God shall be mentioned anywhere during Salat.
  2. Only Al-Fatihah, as written in Qur’an, and only in Arabic, shall be uttered in the standing position.
  3. No “Ameen” or any other utterance shall be mentioned after Al-Fatihah.
  4. The Tashahhud shall be “ASH-HADU ALLA ILAHA ILLA ALLAH, WAHDAHU LA SHAREEKA LAH.” (I bear witness that there is no god except God; He is One; there are no idols besides Him). Any other statement to the same effect is acceptable.