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Muslim ‘Ulama Challenge God: Produce Something "Equal" to Quran

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Yet another ugly aspect is recorded by a “Professor of Islamic Studies” that: “The Prophet himself referred to this inner aspect of his nature as in the Hadith, ‘I am Araby without the letter ‘Ayn (that is “Rab” which means Lord). Who hath seen me, has seen God (the truth).”

Arabic hadith quote

(pg 89, “IDEALS AND REALITIES IN ISLAM” by Dr. Sayyed Hussein Nasr, George Allen and Unwin Ltd, London, 1966.) This must be acceptable to the ‘Ulama as none of them has ever protested in the last 19 plus years since publication of that book. But Allah strongly condemns this: “If any of them (the prophets) claims to be a god beside Allah, we shall punish him in Hell; thus we punish the wicked.” 21:29 IS THIS THE DESTINY OF OUR BELOVED PROPHET?

At least four times in Qur’an Rasulullah was commanded to follow what was revealed to him from God (6:106, 10:109, 33:2, & 75:18). At least four times he was ordered to say: I only follow what is revealed to me. (6.50, 10:15, 46:9, & 7:203) So he followed Qur’an alone. In fifty plus places Allah emphasizes that He explains His Ayaat. 25:33 says that God provides the best tafseer (explanation) of Qur’an. 75:19 says that God is the only one who will explain Qur’an. The first mufassir (interpreter) of Qur’an was Satan (7:19-21), and he has vowed to misguide us from God’s straight path (7:16-17).

Allah also declares in Qur’an that none shall abrogate His Ayaat (6:34, 6:115, & 18:27). 21:28 states that none of His prophets would contradict Him. Yet we have religious laws (based on hadith) which supercede God’s laws of 24:1-2, 6:54, 5:6, etc.

Who is a better lawgiver than Allah for the sincere believers? (5:50) WHOSE TESTIMONY IS BETTER THAN ALLAH’S (6:19)

Unfortunately, a majority of Muslim’Ulama today would readily state (unbelievable as this may be) that HADITH ABROGATES QUR’AN!!!


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