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On the last two verses of sura 9

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it has been violated. Only because Iblees (Satan) refused to bow down before Adam that we know that such a law exists. Had Satan obeyed God, and bowed down with the rest of the angels, we would have never known whether the angels possess the freedom of choice or not.


Arabic: Azhar approved title of sura 9

This Azhar-approved title indicates that Sura 9 was the last sura revealed in Medina, except for the last two verses; they

were supposedly revealed in Mecca. In retrospect, this is impossible. For it means that the last two verses were revealed at least 10 years before the rest of the sura.

A study of the Meccan and Medinan revelations shows that Medinan verses are regularly found in Meccan suras, but not the other way around. This, of course, excludes the only sura revealed between Mecca and Medina (Sura 8).

Perfectly On Schedule


With the advent of the Islamic year 1407 AH, a new era was ushered in that will eventually become known to the whole world. As stated in Qur’an 63:8, the true believers received profound signs and distinctive marks, of which the hypocrites are totally unaware.

All power belongs to God, His messenger, and the believers, but the hypocrites do not know. (63:8)

Meanwhile, Satan’s days are numbered. These last days of Satan are marked by the closest birth pangs (labor pains) yet. These are the birth pangs preceding the birth of the United Islamic Nation, in fulfillment of the 19-words of Sura 110.

The birth pangs have been occurring once a week, namely, every Thursday, during the Islamic year 1406 (19x74). For example, the first Thursday of 1406 witnessed the earthquake destruction of a major center of idol-worship, Mexico City. The detailed list is shown below.

This year, 1407, the birth pangs are occurring everyday (see list below). We expect a universal declaration sometime during 1407 AH, followed by the inevitable victory for all those who worship God

ALONE, and uphold His word ALONE.


* Thursday, Sep 19, 1985 (Muharram 5, 1406)
Mexico city earthquake kills 10,000. Thousands more injured and homeless.

* Thursday, Sep 26 (Muharram 12):
Hurricane Gloria batters entire east coast of USA from the tip of Florida to Canada's border.

* Thursday, Oct 10 (Muharram 26):
Hurricane Isabel devastates Puerto Rico, then USA’s east coast. 500 dead and millions of dollars in damages.
Yul Briner dies.
Orson Wells dies.

* Thursday, Oct 17 (Safar 4):
Worst typhoon is history hits the Philippines.
Three strong quakes shake Japan.
Italian government falls in the wake of the Achille Lauro ship hijack.

* Thursday, Oct 24 (Safar 11):
 Violent demonstrations in Egypt.

  Hurricane Juan pounds New Orleans and the South.

* Thursday, Oct 31 (Safar 18):
Tanzanian government falls and a Muslim president takes over.

* Thursday, Nov 7 (Safar 23):
Worst floods in history devastate four mid-atlantic states; Virginia, W.Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and the capital Washington,DC. All monuments in the capital close for the first time in history. More than 70 people die. Losses reach $400,000,000.

* Thursday, Nov 14 (Safar 30):
Volcano erupts in Columbia (major center of idol-worship) and kills 25,000 people. The city of Armero, Columbia wiped out.

*Thursday, Nov 21 (Rabi 1 7):

For the first time in history, a hurricane hits USA this late in November. Hundreds of thousands flee in panic in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia (Hurricane

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