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Kate). Many deaths. Millions of dollars in losses. Red Cross announces, “This is the worst year in history in the number of disasters.” The Red Cross announces closure of many offices due to running out of funds.

* Thursday, Dec 5 (Rabi I 22):
Chaos in Tokyo. Sabateurs destroy the brain of Japan’s railway system. 10,000,000 people stranded and confused.

* Thursday, Dec 12 (Rabi I 29):
Plane crash kills 247 (19x13) military personnel. The plane was flying from Sinai to USA, and crashed in New Foundland, Canada. This is the worst disaster in US military history, and made 1985 the worst year in aviation history in terms of casualties.
Ann Baxter dies.

* Thursday, Dec 19 (Rabi II 6):
France’s turn. Gunman takes a whole courtroom hostage; the judges, the attorneys, security guards, the spectators, etc. All of  France watches on TV in horror. France is terrorized for 24 hours.

* Christmas 1985. Wednsday, Thursday, & Friday, Dec 25, 26, & 27:
Mount Aetna erupts causing deaths and destruction.
Rome and Vienna airports attacked. Machine guns kill 16 and injure 116 (17+116=133=19x7).

* Thursday, Jan 2, 1986 (Rabi II 20).
Kiloway volcano erupts in Hawaii.
Casualties of the Rome and Vienna airports attacks adjusted to 19 dead and 114 injured.

Plane crash in New Zealand.

* Thursday, Jan 9 (Rabi II 27):
Bloody Coup d’etat in South Yemen.

* Thursday, Jan 16 (Jumada I 5):
9000 people killed in Yemen. Coup d’etat still in progress.

* Thursday, Jan 23 (Jumada I 12):
Fire in the Continental Hotel in New Delhi kills 38.
Victims of Yemen’s Coup reach 12,000.
Coup d’etat in Uganda; new government takes over.

* Thursday, Jan 30 (Jumada I 19):
The world is shocked by Space Shuttle accident that took place January 28, killing 7 astronauts. Thursday, it became known that the accident happened exactly 19 years to the day after the Apollo accident that killed 3 astronauts, and that this was mission No. 57 (19x3).

* Thursday, Feb 6 (Jumada I 26):
Chaos in Haiti. Baby Doc flees to France.
Government falls.

* Thursday, Feb 13 (Jumada II 10):
Revolution in the Philippines.

* Thursday, Feb 20 (Jumada II 17):
Rebellion in Egypt kills hundreds and injures thousands. Paramilitary security forces revolt.

* Thursday, May 1 (Shaaban 21):
Afghanistan government falls. Babrak Karmal replaced. Soviet troops invade Kabul.

* Thursday, July 24 (Dhul Qi’dah 19):
French newspaper headline: “RED THURSDAY” due to devastating fires in the south.

* Thursday, Aug 14 (Dhul Hijjah 10):
Hurricane Charly hits USA east coast.

* Thursday, Aug 21 (Dhul Hijjah 17):
2000 people die from poisonous gas in the Cameroons. Worst geological disaster.


* Friday, Muharram 1st (Sep 5, 1986):
“Muslims” hijack Pan Am Plane in Karachi (a Muslim country). 19 people are killed in the aftermath, and Islam is given a bad name world-wide.
11-minute telecast invades Iranian television and shows the new Shah of Iran announcing his imminent return.

* Saturday, Muharram 2 (Sep 6):
“Muslims” attack Jewish Synagogue in Istanbul, Turkey (a Muslim country) and machine gun 19 Turkish Jews and 2 Israeli Jews while they worshiped God. Islam is given a bad name world-wide.

* Sunday, Muharram 3 (Sep 7):
“Muslims” attack church in southern Philippines with hand grenades. Islam is given a bad name world-wide.

* Monday, Muharram 4 (Sep 8):
Bomb explodes in Paris City Hall; kills 1 and injures 19.

* Tuesday, Muharram 5 (Sep 9):
Israeli raid on Sidon.
19 Jewish victims of Istanbul terror are buried.

* Wednsday, Muharram 6 (Sep 10):
Chaos in Chille following assassination attempt against President Pinochet.

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