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Submitters Perspective

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The Advent of a New Era

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* Thursday, Muharram 7 (Sep 11):
Bomb explodes in Paris Café.
Kidnapping resumes in Beirut.

* Friday, Muharram 8 (Sep 12):
Bomb explodes in Paris supermarket.


* Saturday, Muharram 9 (Sep 13):
Earthquake in Greece kills 19; injures hundreds.

* Sunday, Muharram 10 (Sep 14):
Bomb explodes in Paris police headquarters; injures 38.
Bomb explodes in NATO offices of Munich.

* Monday, Muharram 11 (Sep 15):
The worst disaster in mining history claims the lives of hundred in South Africa.

Sharp aftershocks rattle Greece; deaths rise to 19

Athens, Greece (AP) – Strong aftershocks rumbled through southern Greece yesterday and two more bodies were uncovered from the devastating earthquake of two days ago, raising the death toll to 19.

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – A powerful explosive device blasted the crowded terminal building at Seoul’s Kimpo International Airport yesterday, killing five Koreans and injuring 19.


Our first conference was held near San Francisco August 29-31. The great events that took place during that conference assured all believers that every word and every action at the conference was guided by Almighty Allah.

The conference reporter, Jahan Spooner, is preparing a report on the conference that will be printed in the coming issue of M.P.  IN SHAA ALLAH.


The next conference will be held IN SHAA ALLAH at the same time, i.e. the closest weekend to Muharram 1st, 1408. It may or may not be held in Monte Carlo as previously announced. Due to security considerations, the Second Conference will be strictly attended by invitation only, and the location shall be known only to prospective attendees.


Some uninvited guests forced their way into the conference, in violation of Qur’an 24:27, and wasted the time of some attendees by asking such primitive questions as “Why should we uphold Qur’an alone?” and “Why should we say, ‘LA ILAHA ILLA ALLAH’ without mentioning other names besides Allah?” and “Why not make distinction among the prophets, since Muhammad was the best?” During the second conference IN SHAA ALLAH, security will be strengthened to avoid such disruptions.