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The Miracle of Muhammad vs. The miracles of Moses and Jesus

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Now that Muhammad’s miracle has been finally unveiled, people all over the world are coming to Islam, the true Islam, in throngs. While the older generations, over forty years of age (see 46:15), are missing the boat, the younger generations are joyfully excited about God’s perpetual miracle being manifested to our generation through his final Prophet Muhammad.

What is the difference between the miracles of Moses and Jesus and that of Muhammad? This question can be answered by posing another question: How long did the miracles of Moses and Jesus last? How many people saw such miracles? When Moses threw down his staff, only a few hundred people at the most saw it turn into a serpent. When Jesus resurrected Lazurus, only a few people witnessed the miracle, and it lasted only a few minutes. All God’s miracles manifested through all previous messengers were temporary in nature, and were witnessed by a few people. God’s miracle through the Prophet Muhammad, on the other hand, is perpetual. Anyone anywhere in the world, can witness it at any time. Those unfortunate souls, deliberately blocked out by God (see 17:45-46 and 18:57) have to endure Muhammad’s miracle; it is staring them in the face day and night, for the rest of their lives. They can

pick up the Qur’an anytime and witness the miracle. I am talking about people who actually read the details of the miracle as published by this mosque, but insist on denying its physical facts. I will cite here one example that illustrates how they are still stuck at item Number One: that the first verse of Qur’an consists of 19 letters. In one of their publications, they say that “The phrase BISMILLAH… contains 20 letters and not nineteen but unfortunately our kind Dr. Khalifa has forgotten to note that there is an ALIF in the word AL-RAHMAN, but this ALIF is not written ! ! !” Thus, they create their invisible letters and count them, for no other reason but to oppose God and His miracle. One can see the hopelessness of trying to help these people, since the hundreds of other overwhelming parameters of the Qur’an’s mathematical miracle cannot be witnesses by them; they have to go past the first verse first.


Verses 62-67 of Sura 39 inform us that the practice of idol worship nullifies the person’s works, no matter how great. The person may pray, fast, give generously to charity, and carry on a perfectly righteous life, but the practice of idolatry would nullify such righteous works as if they never took place. Millions of pilgrims spend their life savings and endure tremendous hardships in response to their Lord’s command

to observe Hajj (pilgrimage). Unfortunately, the traditions of today’s Islam lead thousands of pilgrims to Medina where they commit idolatry by visiting the tomb of Prophet Muhammad and pouring their hearts out in expressions of love and devotion to “nothing” (see 40:74). The Qur’an teaches us clearly that the Prophet is dead (39:30), totally unaware (5:109, 16:21 & 23:100), and

can never respond to anyone (35:14). Needless to say, going against all these Qur’anic teachings constitutes disobedience and opposition to God and His messenger Muhammad. The pilgrims who commit such idol-worship come back home with their pilgrimage utterly nullified, and their money and efforts utterly wasted. As we learn from 39:62-67, our worship must be devoted absolutely to Allah ALONE.


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heritage of Ass Salaf Ass Saaleh. Two verses in Qur’an are especially pertinent here:

“He almost diverted us away from our idols but we steadfastly upheld them.” They will surely find out, when the retribution afflicts them, as to who has really gone astray (25:42). When they are told, “Follow what God has sent down,” they say, “No,

we follow only what we found our parents doing” (2:170, 5:104, 31:21).

What you see at the top of this article is but one small example of the prevailing nonsense throughout the Ass Salaf Ass Saaleh literature. I chose this particular example from the writings of the most revered member of Ass Salaf Ass Saaleh, Ibn Katheer. This is Ibn Katheer’s Tafseer

(exegesis) of the first verse in Sura 68. Specifically, it is Ibn Katheer’s emphatic and final decision with regard to the first word in 68:1, the letter N (Noon). We need not make any comments on Ibn Katheer’s profound statements. What more can we say? However, we challenge all enlightened Muslims, and today’s Islamic leadership (the Ulema or the great Muslim scholars) to denounce Ibn Katheer’s nonsense and to return to the one infallible source, the Qur’an.