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Egypt's journalists rise up to defend Dr. Mansour

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7. The persecution of Dr. Mansour makes him a martyr in the eyes of those who are just. Consequently, the public      has risen up in rebellion against this flagrant abuse of human rights. Thousands of Egyptians who read Dr. Mansour’s books, plus untold thousands of sympathizers came to recognize Dr. Mansour’s truthful message,

and telegrams poured into President Mubarak’s office from the world over demanding Dr. Mansour’s freedom of expression. Now, President Mubarak has an ethical choice to make: shall he please the Saudis, or please God? May God inspire him to make the right choice.

8. The more that the Saudi authorities, and all Satan’s soldiers, kick and scream, the deeper they sink into the abysmal pit of failure.

They are trying to put out God’s light with their mouths, but God insists that His light

shall be perfected, in spite of the idol worshipers. [Qur’an 9:32, 61:8].

This whole plot was finally triggered by the first book we published in Egypt, as announced in the MUSLIM PERSPECTIVE of September 1987. The book denounced the worship of Muhammad against his will, proclaimed the truth from the Qur’an, declared that the Qur’an is complete, perfect, and fully detailed, and announced the message of the Qur’an (and our own principle):


ONE GOD                 ONE BOOK                 ONE NATION



TO BE HELD August 12, 13, & 14, 1988

The first day of the new Islamic Year 1409 will be Saturday. August 13th, 1988. The Conference will open with      the Friday Khutbah by Dr. Ahmad Subhy Mansour, entitled:   ONE GOD … ONE BOOK … ONE NATION. 



This time, we will meet, lecture, pray, eat, and sleep at the conference site. In the past, some of us were able to go home and come back for the lectures; many of us were so late, they missed some lectures. This time, we will be meeting far away from civilization, and no one will miss any lectures.

As usual, attendance will be by invitation only. Please send for your official invitation as soon as possible. The cost of food and lodging is a bargain; only $100.00/person for the three days, and 200.00/family. We will send to you a map and program details upon receipt of your conference fees.


Ihsan, AKA Suzanne Mamodesene, discovered that the basic pillars of Islam – worshiping God alone, Salat, fasting, Zakat, & Hajj occur in suras & verses whose numbers add up to multiples of 19:

Like the Old Testament and the New Testament, the Koran’s First Commandment is to worship God ALONE. This crucial word, in Arabic “Wahdahu” occurs in

four chapters, and when we add the numbers of these four chapters, plus the numbers of the verses where the word Wahdahu occurs, the total comes to 361, or 19x19.

* The crucial first commandment of the Koran is represented by the word ONE when referring to God. This occurs in the Koran precisely 19 times.

* The grand total of the numbers of all the chapters and

verses where the key words ONE (Waahed) and ALONE (Wahdahu) occur is 1425, or 19x75.

The Koran teaches that Islam is built on five basic pillars:

  (i) Testifying that God is ONE;
  (ii) observing the contact prayers (Salat) five times daily;

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