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3 Governments Fell
Who Are The Next 3 ?

In the September 1985 issue of MUSLIM PERSPECTIVE, the UNITED ISLAMIC NATION was announced, and letters were sent to all kings and presidents of all “Muslim” countries inviting them to join UIN. The following point was written on Page 2 of MP:

*** Almost all present governments in the region will reject and scoff at this offer. Consequently, there will be a change of government in that region at the rate of at least governments every two years, until a government comes with the specific objective of joining UIN.


(1) President Numeiry of Sudan;
(2) President Mahmoud Ali of South Yemen; and
(3) President Bourguiba of Tunisia.


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(iii) fasting during Ramadan: (iv) Zakat; and (v) pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj) for those who can afford it.

* As shown above, the words of the first commandment, ONE and ALONE conform with the code. The other essential “pillars” of Islam, i.e., prayer, fasting, charity, and pilgrimage, occur in the Koran 67, 6, 32, and 9 times, respectively. These numbers add up to a total of 114, or 19x6.

* When the numbers of chapters and verses where the word

Salat” (contact prayers) occurs are added up, the total is found to be 4674, or 19x246.

When the numbers of chapters and verses where the word “Seyam” (fasting) occurs are added up, the total is 1387, or 19x73.

* When the numbers of chapters and verses where the word “Zakat” (charity) occurs are added up, the total is not a multiple of 19; it is 2395, which is higher than the multiple by only 1. But then, the equivalent total for the word

Hajj” (pilgrimage) is 645, which is lower than the multiple by 1. This means that the numbers of chapters and verses containing the words “Zakat” and “Hajj”, together, add up to a multiple of 19, namely, 3040 (19x160). Since charity and pilgrimage are not obligatory on every Muslim, this mathematical pattern seems to reflect their special position among the duties proposed by the Koran.

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God says: “Qur’an is complete, perfect, and fully detailed.”