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Submitters Perspective

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The insanity of Muslim ‘Ulama in the face of God’s overwhelming mathematical miracle of Qur’an had reached a horrendous level. In an article published by AL BALAGH of South Africa, Muhammad Hamidullah, who is considered by many Muslims to be an authority on Qur’anic sciences, suggested that the Qur’an’s unique writing be changed. Some of his insane suggestions are shown in the Table below.

Sura/VerseQur'anic spellingnormal spelling
1/1    (Arabic Words)    (Arabic Words)
2/2      (Arabic Words)   (Arabic Words)
2/5      (Arabic Words)    (Arabic Words) 
2/26      (Arabic Words)     (Arabic Words)
2/43      (Arabic Words)    (Arabic Words) 
2/61      (Arabic Words)    (Arabic Words)
3/20      (Arabic Words)    (Arabic Words) 
3/79      (Arabic Words)    (Arabic Words)
5/111      (Arabic Words)    (Arabic Words)
7/21      (Arabic Words)    (Arabic Words)
12/32      (Arabic Words)    (Arabic Words)
13/31      (Arabic Words)    (Arabic Words)
18/38      (Arabic Words)    (Arabic Words)
18/49      (Arabic Words)    (Arabic Words)
21/88       (Arabic Words)    (Arabic Words)
25/7      (Arabic Words)    (Arabic Words)
26/176      (Arabic Words)     (Arabic Words)
27/21      (Arabic Words)    (Arabic Words)
39/69      (Arabic Words)    (Arabic Words)
51/47      (Arabic Words)    (Arabic Words)
70/36      (Arabic Words)    (Arabic Words)
76/4      (Arabic Words)    (Arabic Words)
76/16      (Arabic Words)    (Arabic Words)


Let me deal with just one simple change proposed by this “Aalim.”  Muslims the world over recognize the Arabic word for god as a unique and beautiful word.  (Arabic Word)               

Mr. Hamidullah suggests that we add one letter ‘Alef” between the “Laam” and the “Haa.” This will immediately change the word from the name of God to a word which means ONE WHO PLAYS AROUND . The Arabic word “Yalhoo (Arabic Word)” means “to play and have fun,” or “to become so involved in fun that one becomes oblivious and unaware.” The past tense of this word is “Lahaa (Arabic Word)” and the person who does this is “Laahi, (Arabic Word)” or in certain grammatical; situations “Lah”

    The  addition of the Arabic article “Al (Arabic Word)” to this last word produces the suggested word for God as proposed by Hamidullah. (Arabic Word)

This one example teaches us that Almighty God has deliberately His Holy Name in order for the whole world to recognize its uniqueness and beauty. These enemies of God are so ignorant that they never cease to commit one horrendous blasphemy after another.

Their ultimate goal, of course, is to change the miraculous mathematical composition of Qur’an, in compliance with the wishes of their true god and master, Satan. But their immense stupidity causes them to forget that the seven “Haa Meem-initialed Suras, for example, contain 2,147 Haa + Meem (19x 113). The proposed blasphemous changes in the writing of Qur’an will never change this physical fact. Thus, they will stay face the formidable task of trying to explain this miraculous phenomenon: why do the Haa’s and Meem’s follow this mathematical pattern, and exhibit precisely 2,147 (19x113) letters in the seven Suras? The loss or addition of only one Haa or one Meem would have destroyed this extremely precise system!