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egypt stamp


A new postage stamp has been issued in Egypt featuring a large number 19, the common denominator throughout the Qur’an, as well as God’s previous scriptures (see M.P. of  August 1985).

All of the Qur’an’s initials (A.L.M., Q, N, Y.S., H.M., K.H.Y.’A.S, etc) occur in their chapters in multiples of 19, without a single exception.

We are still waiting for any disbeliever to explain this supernatural phenomenon:

Why, for example, do the seven Haa Meem initialed Suras (Suras 40-46) contain exactly 2,147 (19x113) Haa Meem’s? Why does the Ya Seen initialed Sura No 36 contain precisely 285 (19x15) Ya Seen’s? Why does the Q-initialed Suras (42 & 50) contain 57 Q’s each (19x3), the N-initialed Sura (No 68) contains 133 N’s (19x7), the SSaad-initialed Suras (No 7, 19 & 38) contain a total of 152 SSaad’s (19x8), and so on and on and on … without a single exception?

Yet, these overwhelming physical facts constitute only a small portion of the total mathematical miracle of the Qur’an. No wonder, therefore, that God Himself calls it “ONE OF THE GREATEST MIRACLES(Qur’an 74:35).

The number 19 is, of course, a Qur’anic number (74:30) and the ignorant enemies of God and His Qur’anic miracle have gone as far as accusing God Almighty of being a Bahai (!!!), because the Bahais honor the number 19 somehow!!!

The enemies of God’s miracle have allocated huge budgets and carried out an unbelievable, vicious, campaign world-wide to discredit God’s 19-based miracle in the Qur’an. They concentrated their propaganda on the premise that the Bahais honor the number 19. In their blind slavery to Satan, their attack, unwittingly, accused the Almighty Creator of being a Bahai, since He has designated the number 19 as the common denominator in all His scriptures and to represent His signature throughout the universe (see the INTRODUCTION to my new translation of the Qur’an).

The number 19 happens to declare the message of the Qur’an and all previous scriptures of God. For the number 19 is the numerical value of the word WAAHED or ONE  in the Arabic language.

LettersIts Numerical Value *

(Arabic Letter) Waa 6
(Arabic Letter) Alef1
(Arabic Letter) Haa 8
(Arabic Letter) Daal 4


Thus, the number 19 declares that GOD IS ONE.

* See the full details in QUR’AN: VISUAL PRESENTATION OF THE MIRACLE (247 pages), published by this Masjid.