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The evidence that the last two verses of sura 9 have been added to the Qur’an after the Prophet’s death is increasing in much the same manner as the miracle of the Qur’an (see the main article). In this article, I wish to report to you a new piece of powerful evidence: THE NUMBER OF VERSES BETWEEN THE FIRST INITIAL (A.L.M. of 2:1) AND THE LAST INITIAL (Noon of 68:1) IS 2432 [19x128], excluding the verses 9:128-129.

There is absolutely no doubt now that verses 9:128 and 9:129 do not belong in the Qur’an. In the March 1985 issue of M.P., we published the first urgent bulletin where we showed that there were NINE violations of the Qur’an’s miraculous mathematical code, and that all NINE

violations have been found in the last two verses of sura NINE. In the same issue, it was shown that these false verses have been suspect for at least 1300 years, as documented in such classical references as Bukhari, Al-Itqaan by Suyooty, Ibn Katheer, and others.

More evidence was published in the M.P. issues of Apr 85, June 85, and Sep 86. In the May 87 issue, we published momentous findings that Imam Ali and his Imam Hussein did not fight for power as announced by their enemies; they fought ONLY to remove the two false verses 9:128 & 129. In the July 87 issue, we proved that the Qur’an is PERFECTLY PRESERVED. Now we offer additional evidence, from classic Islamic literature that Ali did indeed

fight to restore the Qur’an. The Arabic lines above are photocopied from the famous AL-ITQAN of Suyooty. In these lines, Ali declares that “something has been added to the Qur’an,” and that he was going to do something about it. The English excerpt at the bottom is photocopied from ‘ULUM AL-QUR’AN by Ahmad von Denffer (the Islamic Foundation, 1983, Page 56). We see here that Marwan b. Hakam destroyed the original Qur’an “fearing it might become the cause for new disputes.” What were the old disputes? If the original Qur’an were identical to the Qur’ans we have, why then did Marwan destroy the original? Why should it cause any new disputes?
‘Uthman had many copies prepared from this copy and sent
them to various places in the Muslim world, while the original
suhuf were returned to Hafsa and remained with her until her  
death. Later, Marwan b. Hakim (d. 65/684), according to a
report in Ibn Abi Dawud, collected it from her heirs and had it
destroyed, presumably fearing it might become the cause for
new disputes.