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Submitters Perspective

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Happiness is
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    Lisa Spray has written an excellent summary of the Qur’an’s mathematical miracle, containing all the latest findings. The miracle’s items are condensed into 35 pages, and smartly bound. You will proudly make copies of it distribute to your friends and relatives. Send to Masjid Tucson for your copy today: $2.85.


It is now established that the contact prayer (Salat) triggers contact between us and our creator through a divine
numerical combination. The combination that opens the door for us is THE OPENER [Al-Faatihah]; its combination of “sounds” given to us by the Almighty Creator in order to establish contact with Him five times a day. The combination is numerically designed for UNIVERSAL usage by Muslims of all nationalities and all languages. Thus, it is not the meanings of Al-Faatihah that cause the contact, but the numerical combination of sounds (please look up Qur’an 2:37).

    The good news is that Satan works very hard to distract every Muslim who prays the five daily contact prayers, but it does not really detract from our contact with God. Don’t let Satan’s distraction bother you or make you think that your prayer is ruined because you “did not concentrate enough.”  It is the numerical combination of sounds given to us by God that causes the blessed contact. Rejoice, and don’t let Satan succeed in discouraging you.


    Under the title “AT THE CROSSROADS OF BELIEF,” Clifford Longley reported that the young Muslims of Britain are abandoning their inherited traditions in favor of following the Qur’an, the whole Qur’an and nothing but the Qur’an (New Straits Times, September 16, 1987, page 6).

    The article is prefixed with the following statement: “The extremist image of Islam conveyed from the Gulf is markedly different from its realities and complexities in Britain, where more than one million Muslims live in what has amounted to a hidden society. That is changing as Clifford Longley reports in a series on the religion emerging from the shadows.”

    Here are some relevant quotations from the article:
    “Of all the major influences competing and conflicting to mould the slowly-emerging shape of British Islam, the most dramatic is the rise of Quranic fundamentalism, or more accurately Quranic puritanical revivalism. But already the British version of this world-wide phenomenon is beginning to look rather different (from traditional Islam).”

… “Nielsen finds that some younger Muslims, inspired by the Quran, are beginning to try to separate the essentials of the faith from its cultural and historical accretions.