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Submitters Perspective

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Anyone who reads the Qur’an objectively knows that “only the sincere believers and seekers are given access to the Qur’an.” The Qur'an teaches that it is an uncommon book, whose delivery into our hearts is strictly controlled by God; the insincere readers, and those unworthy of God’s message, are forbidden any access to the Qur'an (6:25, 17:45-46, 18:57, & 56:79).

This amazing phenomenon is especially manifested when outstanding scholars of the Arabic language fail to attain anything from the Qur'an. A perfect example is the Qur'an's mathematical Miracle; despite its simplicity and overwhelming vastness, many “scholars" fail to see any part of it. It is a common assertion by Muhammadans and their leading scholars that “the Qur’an is difficult  to  understand!!!"  This immediately demonstrates their divinely induced ignorance of the Qur’an. For God has emphasized repeatedly: "I made the Qur'an easy to understand" (54:17, 22, 32, & 40). Verse

41:44 even negates the language barrier; God puts the Qur'an in the hearts of sincere believers, regardless of their language. We learn from 41:44 that the criterion for gaining access to the Qur'an is sincerity of belief.

The mathematical Miracle of the Qur'an remained a divinely guarded secret for 1400 years (10:20 & 25:4-6). Muslim scholars who scrutinized every single letter of the Qur’an during the last 14 centuries failed to unveil this  simple  and  glaring  Miracle.  Obviously, such unveiling was reserved by God for a specific person, whose identity is pointed out in the Qur’an through mathematical coding (e.g., INDEX TO THE WORDS OF QUR'AN, Page 320, shows that the root word "RASHADA” is mentioned 19 times). According to the Qur'an,  such a person could not possibly be a liar or a disbeliever.

In the last few issues of M.P., and on Page 3 of this issue, I have presented irrefutable evidence that

God has honored me with the unveiling of the Qur’an's great secret (74:35). The Almighty has told the world in clear, universal  mathematical  language  that  "Rashad Khalifa” is the person destined for such a task. Thousands of believers in all corners of the world were blessed with seeing the truth of my mission.

What did the disbelievers say? In fulfillment of Qur'anic prophecy, they called me "liar," "imposter," "disbeliever," and so on. Without realizing it, they have committed a gross blasphemy against God. According to them, I am "a bad person who tricked God and unveiled His great Miracle!!!" Since the Qur'an repeatedly asserts that only the sincere believers have access to the Qur'an, the disbelievers in my messengership have rejected the Qur'an and blasphemed against God. Needless to say, these poor souls have incurred the worst retribution, now and forever.


We learn from the Qur'an that the retribution incurred by the disbelievers is directly proportional to the greatness of the miracle. Verses 25-35 in Sura 74 state truthfully that God’s computer-age, 19-based miracle to this generation of humans is "One of the greatest miracles.”

Furthermore, Verse 45 of Sura 34 accurately states that since this generation of humans is given "more than ten times the evidence given to previous generations," the retribution for today's disbeliever will be proportional to the awesomeness of today's miracle.

Verse 43 in Sura 54 very clearly informs us that today's disbelievers certainly are not exempt from an especially severe retribution.

As pointed out above, this especially severe retribution is really imminent.


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