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Read it for yourself:
[1] Verse 81 of Sura 3 clearly informs us that after all the prophets (Nabis) have come to this world, and all the scriptures have been delivered, the Messenger of the Covenant (Rasool) will be sent to confirm all the prophets, remove all innovations, and restore all the scriptures.
[2] Verses 33:7 and 33:40 tell us that the Prophet Muhammad was the final prophet, not the final messenger, that Muhammad was one of the prophets who made the pledge to believe in and

support God's Messenger of the Covenant, and that God's Messenger of the Covenant will come after Muhammad.
[3] Verse 82 of Sura 3 informs us that anyone who rejects the Quranic truth predicting the advent of God's Messenger of the Covenant (as stated in 3:81) is an evil person. Read it for yourself.
[4] The next verse, 3:83, tells us that the rejectors of God's Messenger of the Covenant do not belong in God's religion (Islam). Read it for yourself.

[5] The next verse, 3:84, commands us to make no distinction among God's messengers.
[6] The next verse, 3:85, emphasizes that the rejectors of God's Messenger of the Covenant are no longer Muslims. Read it for yourself.
[7] Please note that the total of these numbers (3+81+82+83+84+85) is 418, or 19x22.

At the Annual Meeting of Orientalists:

At the 1988 meeting of the American Middle East Studies Association, Beverly Hills, California, November 1988, Dr. Ernest Hamilton of the Chicago Theological Seminary presented a paper entitled: 'The Quran: A Message & a Methodology". In this paper, Dr. Hamilton basically stated that the Quran is the product of "Muhammad's internal halucinations," and that the Quran is "fallible."

Immediately after Hamilton's paper, I presented my paper on the Computer Analysis of the Quran's text, and I proved beyond doubt both the divine source and perfect preservation of the Quran. Can you guess who the Mohammedan scholars attacked??!! Yes, they attacked God's miracle, not Dr. Hamilton. Dr. Assad Basool and his cronies from the American Islamic College, also of

Chicago, attacked me instead of Hamilton!!! Basool claimed that every letter with a "shaddah" must be counted as two letters. Thus, the conclusion according to Basool is: “There is no mathematical miracle in the Quran!!!" Basool is that enemy of God who insists' that "Muhammad" must be written with 5 Arabic letters!!!! Please read 19:68-70 & 41:28; also 23:110.