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Submitters Perspective

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For the First Time:


The mathematical miracle of the Qur’an has exposed a plethora of innovations that plagued Islam for many centuries. Prominent among these innovations are the so-called "Hadith and Sunna" which are manipulative lies attributed to the Prophet, and frequently attack the Prophet's character and righteousness. The Muhammadan masses of course became upset, since the inherited innovations have become an integral part of their now-false religion. All of a sudden, the extremely popular miracle of God in His Qur’an, became a subject of vicious attacks. The Muhammadans forget that their idol, Muhammad, was a very popular man just before being God's chosen
messenger. All of a sudden, Quraish and the Arabs wanted to kill him. Just like that: he was very popular and beloved by everyone, then suddenly, they wanted to kill him. What exactly happened? Muhammad asked them to abandon their idols and worship their Creator alone; that is what happened.

When the Qur’an's miracle exposed the idolatry of the Muhammadans, they first tried to ignore the miracle. But it continued to stare them in the face. They then tried to discredit it, and in the process they made some outrageous statements like: "Basmalah does not consist of 19 letters," "The Quran does not consist of 114 (19x6) suras," The first revelation (96:1-5) was not 19 words," "The number 19 is not a Qur’anic number, but a Bahai number," "Rashad Khalifa is a Bahai," and so on. The Miracle continued to explode (see M.P. of November 87) in accordance with God's promise in 41:53. The Muhammadan leaders then

could not ignore the Miracle any more; they had to face the mindless sheep who blindly believe anything they say, and do something. Finally, a Muhammadan leader, Abu Ameenah Phillips, had to confess that indeed there is a 19-based mathematical miracle in the Qur’an. He writes an article to refute the miracle, but ends up proving it; he makes the following conclusion;

There are four chapters in which the total occurrence of the prefixed letters add up to a multiple of 19: Surah Qaf (50), prefixed by the letter Qaf, Surah al-Qalam (68), prefixed by the letter Nun, Surah Ya Sin (36), prefixed by the letters Ya Sin, and Surah Maryam (19), prefixed by the letters Kaf Ha Ya 'Ain Sad."

Well, congratulations Abu Ameenah; you are just beginning to see the light. How would you explain this strange phenomenon? If you take only the tiny portion of the Miracle that you were permitted to see, what do you conclude from your confession that Suras 50, 68, 36, and 19 consistently contain a multiple of 19, with regard to their prefixed initials? What is your explanation?

Mr. Phillips exhibits heroic attempts to discredit God's Miracle. For example, he criticizes the fact that the Ha Meem- initialed suras (40-46) contain 2147 Ha + Meem (19x113). He wants me to count them separately. WHY?

Because, if you count the Ha Meem content of each Sura, separately, it would not be a multiple of 19. This destroys

the miracle. Mr. Phillips dictates his own strings upon the Almighty author of the Qur’an. God Almighty wrote the Qur’an with seven suras prefixed with Ha Meem. When we count the unique and distinct letters Ha and Meem in these seven Ha  Meem- initialed suras, the total is a multiple of 19. Mr. Phillips doesn't like that. "You must count the suras separately," he insists in his article. This fantastic miracle that every Muhammadan must hate, and every Muslim must be proud of, is strengthened by the fact that sura 42 also contains another set of Quranic initials, 'Ain Seen Qaf. When you count the unique and distinct letters 'Ain, Seen, and Qaf in sura 42, the total is 209 (19x11). "No," says Abu Ameenah, "You must add Ha Meem to it," even though the letters Ha Meem and 'Ain Seen Qaf exist in two separate verses. Furthermore, although Mr. Phillips confessed that the letter Qaf in Sura Qaf  is a multiple of 19, he failed to confess that the letter Qaf in the Qaf- initialed sura 42 is also a multiple of 19; in fact, this sura contains the very same number of Qafs as Sura Qaf. Abu Ameenah's hatred of God's miracle drove him to this kind of misleading criticism, only to prove beyond doubt that those who agree with him are mindless sheep.

Mr. Phillips and his Muhammadan friends want, in vain, to mess up God's miracle. He and all the humans and all the Jinns on earth can never do that. God's miracle will only grow in strength until it utterly overwhelms the world. The Muhammadans will then be left in the lurch, biting their fingers due to rage and frustration.


TO BE HELD August 12 13, & 14, 1988