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Submitters Perspective

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The recent announcement that I am God’s commissioned messenger to the world was NOT my idea. In fact, God Most Gracious has been immensely merciful towards me. Despite my cowardice for eight long years, God has accepted my repentance and my solemn pledge to (1) announce my identity as God’s messenger, and (2) never hesitate, hold back, or waver in declaring such identity. Thus, I can no longer afford to hesitate or be humble about this divine truth. “Who would support me against God, if I disobeyed Him?” (11:63).

I came to the world with physical, tangible, and utterly incontrovertible Qur’anic proof. In this article, I present more evidence that a certain messenger is prophesied in the Qur’an, whose mission is to confirm all the prophets and the scriptures they delivered. After examining the evidence, God’s true servants will readily see that I am this certain messenger. Those who do not believe, on the other hand, can no longer claim that they follow or uphold the Qur’an; they are confirmed as enemies of God and His messenger.

Come to think of it, I was not that much of a coward: I did announce that my translation of the Qur’an was “authorized,” and I specifically wrote in Footnote 1:1 of that first edition that my translation was “authorized by God.”

The true believers genuinely rejoice in the sending of a messenger from God. Only the idolators are upset by this great blessing and mercy from God to the whole world (21:107). For they have idolized God’s messengers and exalted them to a position next to God.

The true believers, on the other hand, know from the Qur’an that a messenger of God is no more than a human being like the rest of us (18:110 & 41:6); a mere vehicle for delivering God’s teachings (42:51). God’s sending of His messenger at this time provides the ultimate test of our ego, as well as our belief in the Qur’an.

God assures us that the Qur’an is a straightforward book without any ambiguities (39:28). Thus, the Qur’an gives clear definitions of the Arabic words “Nabi,” commonly translated as “prophet,” and the Arabic word “Rasool,” commonly translated as “messenger.” Let us look at the first statement in 3:81:

“God made a covenant with the PROPHETS (Nabis) that ‘I will give the scripture and wisdom.”’

A PROPHET (Nabi), therefore, is one who receives and delivers a scripture. The fact that the Qur’an is the last scripture makes Muhammad the last prophet. This is confirmed in 33:40, where Muhammad is described as “Khaatum Al-Nabiyyeen (the last prophet).”

The Qur’anic truth that a prophet delivers a scripture necessitates that every prophet must be a messenger. The Mohammedans’ claim that “ not every prophet was a messenger” cannot be but a stupid lie. Would God give a man a scripture to keep for himself?!! Can you imagine a prophet who would say, “I will not talk to any one”?!!!

The rest of 3:81 defines the “Rasool” (messenger) as one who preaches, upholds, and confirms existing scripture; he does not bring a new scripture. Muhammad is described in 33:40 as “a messenger of God.”  This expression (“a messenger of God”) is not linguistically necessary; if it is dropped out, we still have a perfect sentence saying that Muhammad was the last prophet. Obviously, our Almighty Creator is telling us that Muhammad was “a messenger of God, and the last prophet,” not the last messenger. The common expression by mohammedans that Muhammad was “Khaatum al-Mursaleen” (the last messenger) is no where to be found in the Qur’an. Thus, anyone who believes that Muhammad was the last messenger is a disbeliever in the Qur’an , and a confessed enemy of God and His messenger.


Ironically, the Qur’an alerts us that such a lie is common to the disbelievers of every generation. 40:34 informs us that the disbelievers have claimed that Joseph was the last messenger!!! Do you realize how many messengers came after Joseph? Moses, David, Solomon, Zachariah, John, Jesus, Muhammad, and many others came after Joseph. Were they false messengers?

In the last issue of M.P., I have presented the following solid proof that God has commissioned me to be His messenger to the world:

(1) God named me in the Qur’an as the exclusive discoverer of the Qur’an’s miraculous mathematical code.
(2) The root word for my name (RASHADA (Arabic word)) is mentioned in the Qur’an 19 times (see INDEX TO THE WORDS OF Qur’an, page 320).
(3) When we add all the sura and the verse numbers connected with my first name and my last name, the total comes to 1463, or 19x77.
(4) If you look at the specific name “Rashad”  and “Khalifa,” we find that it occurs in 38:26, and 40:29 & 38. These numbers add up to 171 (19x9).
(5) The gematrical value of the messengers of Islam, Abraham, Muhammad, and Rashad (258, 92, & 505, respectively) add up to 855, or 19x45.


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