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       EGYPT DIES BY 1990.

The evidence is glaring that Al-Azhar, representing all religious institutions in the Muhammadan world, has rejected the word of God. The Qur'an tells us exactly what the inevitable consequences are: utter destruction. The imminence of such a catastrophe is particularly noteworthy since the message has been so effectively delivered to the Muhammadan world by this Masjid's publications, and through my books, lectures, and Friday sermons. This message has been vehemently rejected by Al-Azhar and its blind followers. Soon, the warning signs appeared, declaring that the dire consequences are indeed imminent. Specifically, the inevitable consequences are:

1.  Egypt will die by the year 1990.
2.  Egypt will take with her the rest of the Arab world.
3.  Pakistan and the rest of the Muhammadan world will die around the same time.


Shown below are excerpts from the LOS ANGELES TIMES, December 26, 1987, Page 20:

"By next July, the water in the live storage area of Lake Nasser will be used up and they will be down to a level where they no longer can guarantee reliable generation of power, one specialist said.

For Egypt's anemic economy, already burdened by a $45 -billion foreign debt, the implications are devastating

And here are excerpts from the TEHRAN TIMES, December 30, 1987:

“It's one. of those problems too horrible to contemplate...." said the Western diplomat. "When there is no solution except adjusting for disaster , you get a reluctance to work on it. "

It is common knowledge that Egypt is the gift of the Nile; the drying up of the Nile means certain death for Egypt. Egypt's Foreign Minister, Butrus Ghaly declared on NBC TV a couple of weeks ago: "We know that a great catastrophe is coming, and we can do nothing, nothing at all, about it."

And here are excerpts from CRESCENT INTERNATIONAL, February 1-15, 1988, Page 1:

Following the near-famine conditions in the Thar area in the southern province of Sind, the rest of Pakistan is faced with severe shortfalls in food production. As a result of a prolonged drought over most of the country, caused by the failure of the monsoon rains for two consecutive years,

And here is what the Almighty Creator says:

Arabic 27:50
Arabic 27:51
Arabic 27:52-53

"They schemed their schemes, but then we too schemed our scheme, while they do not perceive. Note the consequences of their scheming: we utterly destroyed them and their people. Thus, their homes stood empty, because of  their injustice. This is a lesson for people who know. And we saved those who believed and observed righteousness." [27:50-53]