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God insists

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The disbelievers would say, "You are not a messenger." Say, "God suffices as witness between me and you; also those who possess knowledge of the scripture. [13:43] 

Arabic Quran 13:43

Nothing prevented the people from believing when the guidance came to them, except their saying, "How can God send a human messenger?" Say, "If the earth were inhabited by angels, we would have sent to them an angel as a messenger." Say, "God suffices as witness between me and you. He is fully cognizant and seer of His servants." [17: 94-96]

Arabic Quran 17:94-96

Joseph had come to you in the past, with clear signs. But you doubted what he told you. Then, when he died, you said, "God will not send another messenger after him." God thus misleads those who are transgressors, doubters. [40 : 34]

Arabic Quran 40:34

Muhammad was not the father of any of your men; he was a messenger of God and the final prophet. God is fully aware of all things. [33:40] 

Arabic Quran 33:40

The arrogant leaders among his people said to those who believed, "Do you know that Saaleh is sent by his Lord?" They said, "We believe in the message he brought." [7 : 75].

Arabic Quran 7:75


God loves America. America was founded on the principle of religious freedom.

The American currency is the only currency in the world that proclaims: "IN GOD WE TRUST"

In America, the people enjoy greater freedom than anywhere else in the world. This is why America is God's most beloved nation. Freedom is God's most precious gift, and those who infringe upon God's gift alienate God, and are exiled from His grace.

God has blessed America generously; America is at the top of the world economically, culturally, scientifically, militarily, and morally.

But America is in the new world, and has never received a messenger commissioned by God. The old world has received many messengers, including Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. The time has come for a great and special blessing: a messenger from God to help and guide America, to strengthen its spiritual values, and to deliver urgently needed information.

This message provides the correct answers to America's most pressing questions, and offers final solutions for America's most stubborn problems, including drugs, alcoholism, crime, poverty, and the burgeoning prison population. It covers the following main topics:

(1) The first direct, physical evidence proving the authenticity of God's message to the new world.
(2) Who is God: a glimpse of God's greatness.
(3) The illusive secret of "perfect happiness," here and forever.
(4) The meaning of life: why were we created?
(5) Where are we going: what exactly takes place on the eternal Day of Recompense.
(6) Why do tragedies occur?
(7) When will this world come to an end?

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