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times in the pericope of Ve-’elleh shemot ... Similarly, you find that Israel is called "sons"     nineteen times, and there are many other examples. All these sets of nineteen are intricately intertwined, and they contain many secrets and esoteric meanings, which are contained in more than eight large volumes.

The role of the number 19 as God's own signature on everything He created is reported in the new edition of my translation of the Koran (in preparation). It is now established that this number plays a significant role in the creation, throughout the universe, in nature, and even in historical events.

I humbly offer the following 19-based facts as specific evidence relating to my mission as God's messenger:

1.  Despite the overwhelming prevalence of God's mathematical code throughout the Koran, and        its obvious simplicity, thousands of scholars, over a period of 14 centuries, were prevented from seeing it. Such simple facts as the 19-lettered opening statement, the number of suras (19x6), the 19 words of the first revelation, the 19 words of the last sura revealed, and the fact that the number 19 is mentioned specifically in connection with the disbelievers’ claim that the Koran is human-made (74:25-30); all these should have been easily detected.

2.  The Koran itself has named me, by my first name and my last name, as the person destined to unravel this mathematical code. My first name, "Rashad (Arabic)," is mentioned in the Koran twice in 40:29 and 40:38, and my last name, "Khalifa (Arabic)," is mentioned twice; in 2:30 and 38:26. One "Khalifa" word refers to the "bad Khalifa" who was destined to corrupt the earth and shed blood, namely, Satan (2:30). The other “Khalifa:” is the human, good Khalifa. 

When we add the numbers of the suras and verses where my first name, Rashad, is mentioned (40+29+38) plus the sura and verse numbers where the human Khalifa is mentioned (38+26), the total (40+29+38+38+26) is 171, a multiple of 19 (171= 19x19).

3.  The root word of my first name, "Rashada (Arabic)," in all its forms, is mentioned in the Koran      precisely 19 times (see the famous reference "INDEX TO THE WORDS OF THE KORAN"         by M. F. Abdul Baqi, Page 320). The list of suras and verses where we find all forms of "Rashada" is shown in the following Table:

No.Sura No.Verse No.No.Sura No.Verse No.
10.18 24

4. When we add the numbers of all the suras and verses where my first and last names appear, as       shown above, without repetitions, the total is also a multiple of 19:

2 +186+256+4+6+7+146+11+78+87+97+18
+ l0 +17+24+66+21+5I+40+29+38+49+7+72
+2+10+14+21+30+38+26 = 1463 = 19x77.

5. According to the Koran (22:78), the true religion being proclaimed for the New World began with Abraham. Its scripture, the Koran, was revealed through Muhammad. With the advent of the computer age, and in fulfillment of the Koranic prophecy, God blessed me with (1) the discovery of THE PROOF: physical evidence proving the authenticity of the Koran, and (2) the unveiling of

the Koran's secrets. The gematrical value of the word "Abraham (Arabic)" as written in the Koran is 1+2+200+5+10+40 = 258, the value of the word "Muhammad (Arabic)" is 40+8+40+4 = 92, and the value of the word "Rashad (Arabic)" as written in the Koran is 200+300+1+4 = 505. Separately, none of these values is a multiple 19. But the total value of the three names is 855, or 19x45. This reflects the facts that Abraham was the religion's original  messenger, while Muhammad delivered its scripture, and Rashad was blessed with delivering the religion's proof of authenticity.

6. The multiplication factor, 45, happens to be my age when I was initially commissioned by God        to be His messenger. I was born in 1935, which makes me 45 years old in 1980, precisely 1400      years after Muhammad. God informs us that the period between Muhammad and the next              messenger is "seven pairs" of centuries (15:87). The year 1980 AD corresponded to the                 Islamic year 1400.

All these are indisputable physical facts that existed in the Koran since it was revealed 1400 years ago.

Thus, God has provided factual, physical, proof in support of my identity as His messenger.

Proclaim : "This is the truth from your Lord." Then, whoever wills let him believe, and                   whoever wills let him disbelieve. [Koran 18:29]

Is Rashad Khalifa the new messenger of God?



Here is my answer to the Muslim Digest:

YES. Can you come up with any reason why I should not be?