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Submitters Perspective

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A Prayer of Thanks to God

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[3] The Christians are not in much better shape; a prominent Christian leader agrees fully with Rabbi Kushner's blasphemies. On the back cover of Rabbi Kushner's book, we see an endorsement by Norman Vincent Peale, where he describes the blasphemy-ridden book as “A book all humanity needs."

[4] Due to the Nicene distortions, today's Christianity is diametrically opposed to the teachings of Jesus. While Jesus ordered his followers to "Worship God; my Lord and your Lord" (John 20:17), the Christians have been tricked into worshiping Jesus instead. If Jesus were to be resurrected today, he would surely disown those who call themselves “Christian"--- in fact he is reported in Matthew 7:23 as disowning those who call him "Lord."

[5] The Muslims of today have also strayed from God's path. Despite receiving the Final Testament, which is perfectly intact, preserved, fully detailed, and made easy to understand, the Muslims of today have disregarded the Quran, and followed their traditions, superstitions, and the human-made teachings of their "scholars."

[6] God saw the Muslims testify to a false creed. Although the Quran (3:18) dictates the creed: "There is no god besides

God." the Muslims no longer want God if Muhammad is not with Him. The proof:: Just visit any mosque or "Islamic" Center and declare: ASH-HADU ALLA ELAAHA ELLA ALLAH (I testify that there is no god except God), and you will be persecuted; they demand Muhammad's name in addition to God's.

[7] God looked at the planet earth and saw us associating other names with His name, even as we stood in the contact prayers to worship Him.

[8] And He saw that we practiced Zakat charity the wrong way; not in accordance with His word, the Quran (6:141).

[9] God saw that every practice of worship that came to us through Abraham and Muhammad was severely corrupted.

[10] God saw that His final message to the world, the Quran, has been tampered with; two human-made sentences, in praise of the prophet Muhammad (9:128-129), were added to the last sura revealed in Medina.

[11] And God willed that we know that this world will end 2280 AD (1710 AH).

[12] And God decided that the human race is now ready to understand the purpose of our lives--- why we are here (MP. Nov 88).

[13] And God willed that we know how the Quran was sent down, and how it was recorded; that Muhammad received it

in "Al-Masjid A1-Aqsa" located in the highest heaven, that it was released to him by Gabriel over a period of 23 years, and that it was written down by Muhammad's own hand.

[14] And God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful wanted us to know that He has given us 40 long years (46:15) to look around us, reflect, study, investigate then make a decision to re-join His Kingdom, or stay in Satan's chaotic domain. Anyone who dies before the age of 40 goes to Heaven.

[15] AND God willed that the time has come to reveal His great miracle in the Quran--- a living, perpetual, ever-growing, ever-present, tangible, physical, and utterly overwhelming miracle.

[16] And God knew that most of those who do believe in Him, do not know Him; they do not believe that He is doing everything; that He is Omnipotent.

[17] And God willed that we know the secret of perfect happiness (perfect health, wealth, joy, and peace of mind), now and forever.

[18] And to fulfill all these divine decrees. God sent His messenger to our generation (3:8l )

[19] How fortunate we are to be born at this time and to be the recipients of these awesome blessings from God.