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Anyone Who Truly Loves the Quran Loves to See It Purified

I have received a copy of Appendix 24 of your new translation of the Quran. No wonder the details of the miracles in the new translation never cease to amaze you. Truly, the contents of this Appendix are so fantastic that even the enemies of the truth cannot ignore them. How can they help but acknowledge these facts? The physical evidence in this Appendix  proves  beyond  any shadow of  a doubt that verses 9:128.129 never belonged to the Quran. [Kawu Ma'aji, Nigeria]

 So-called Muslim scholars have blindly attacked the overwhelming evidence showing that 9:128-129 never belonged in the Quran. Some of them went as far as declaring me "an apostate!!" Now, let me ask them a couple of questions:

You consider Ibn Mas'ood to be one of the greatest Muslims of all times. His Hadith narrations are among  your most cherished sources of

jurisprudence. Well, Ibn Mas'ood has proclaimed that Suras 113 and 114 do not belong in the Quran!! Why then do you not proclaim Ibn Mas'ood "an apostate?" Here is a man who eliminates two suras, not two verses, from the Quran, and without any proof. Yet, you still consider him one of your most outstanding sources of knowledge!!

What about Ubayy Ibn Ka'ab? He is one of your most respected sources of jurisprudence. He is also a man who, according to historical narrations, has added verses 9:128-129, and tried to add two suras, "Sura Al-Hafd" and "Sura Al-Khal' " (see Al-Suyuty's famous reference AL-ITQAAN, Al-Azhariyyah Edition, 1318 AH, Vol.1, Page 67). Are you going to brand such transgressions as "apostacy"?!

I have presented overwhelming physical proof that 9:128-129 do not belong in the Quran (see Appendix 24 & Page 2 of this M.P), while Ibn Mas'ood and Ubayy Ibn Ka'ab added and

subtracted "suras" without any proof. If you care about the Quran, you will want to see any proven satanic injections removed.

The odacity of the so-called Muslim scholars who oppose you is unconscionable. Who are they to question God's wisdom?! They set themselves up as people who cannot distinguish a diamond in the midst of coal (they are the coal; you are the diamond in their midst). It Is quite obvious that Allah has willed to reveal the Quran's miracle and the complete truth through you. The proof is overwhelming and I can only assume that their shaky foundations will continue to crumble like sand, as the truth looms brighter than a thousand suns. [Lou Sweum, Yuma, Arizona]

Say, "The truth has arrived, and falsehood has been defeated. Surely,  falsehood  can  never prevail." [Quran 17:81]