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Edip Yuksel's Discovery:

Profound Mathematical Phenomenon Proves that Sura 1 is the Key to Establish Contact With Our Creator During Salat

Adam received from his Lord words, whereby He redeemed him. He is the Redeemer, Most Merciful   2:37

God has designed and revealed specific "words" whereby Adam made contact with God and was thus redeemed. Adam had to utter those divinely designed words in order to attain salvation.

Similarly, our Lord has given us specific words whereby we can establish contact with Him five times a day. Only through this contact can we be redeemed back to God's grace.

Evidence has been forthcoming during the last few years that Sura 1, Al-Faatehah, is the only Quran that should be recited during Salat. This report of Edip Yuksel's new discovery provides further evidence.

[1] The Physical Structure of Sura 1

Al-Faatehah is the first sura in the Quran, No. 1, and it consists of 7 verses. If we write down the sura number (1), followed by the number of every verse in the sura, next to one another, we get



This number is a multiple of 19 - it conforms with the Quran's mathematical code.

[2] The Literary Composition

Instead of the number of each verse that we see in the digits shown above, let us write down the number of letters in each verse. The following table shows the number of letters in each verse of Al-Faatehah.

Verse No. Number of Letters
1 19

The long number resulting from writing down the sura number, followed by the number of letters in every verse is also a multiple of 19. Thus, every letter in Al-Faatehah is mathematically composed

in accordance with a divine design that conforms with the Quran's miraculous code. This long number looks like this:


The Number of Units (Rak'aas) of the 5 Contact Prayers (Salat)

The number of units (Rak'aas) in each Contact Prayer has been the same since the time of Abraham (21:73, 22:78). It is universally recognized that the morning, noon, afternoon, sunset, and night contact prayers consist of 2,4,4,3, and 4 units, respectively.

By following the same system described above, we put these five numbers, in the sequence, next to one another. The resulting number is


and it is a multiple of 19.


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