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Submitters Perspective

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“Muslims” have given Islamic justice such a bad name, that “Islamic Justice” throughout the world has become synonymous with “Gross Injustice.”

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL recently published an article about the Pentagon and how it mistreats the contractors who deal with the military. The article highlighted a sub-title saying:

 “This is Islamic justice
 for the contractors,”
    one lawyer says.

Since the "Muslims" have abandoned the Quran en masse (25:30), and have been practicing a religion that has nothing to do with Islam, it is no wonder that "Islamic Justice” has become "Satanic Injustice."

The “Muslims,” who are in fact “Mohamedans” cut off the hand of the thief in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Arab Emirates, and other Gulf States, and follow

“The French Law” in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and other “Muslim States.”

As proven below, the Quran does not advocate “cutting off” the thief’s hand.

Nor does it advocate stoning to death of the adulterers; this rule has been abrogated by God Almighty since the time of Jesus.

Let us look at the Quranic law regarding the thief: “The thief, male or female, you shall cut their hands as a requital for their crime. This is the punishment decreed by God. God is Almighty, Wise.” [5:38]

The key word here is "cut." The only teacher of the Quran is the Almighty Author of the Quran (55:1-2). We find this same word in 12:31 in connection with the women who so admired Joseph that they "cut"

their hands. Obviously, those women did not "cut off" their hands when they saw Joseph.

This has taught us that the thief’s hand must be “marked” and not “cut off.”

Now, in this age of mathematics and computers, and the mathematical miracle of the Quran, the Almighty Author of the Quran has provided us with mathematical proof that the thief’s hand is to be marked, not cut off.

The Quranic law dealing with the thieves is in 5:38.When you add 5 + 38, you get 43.

The women who cut their hands are found in verse 12:31. When you add 12 + 31, you get the same total 43. Do we need to say any more?

God be glorified.

Tear Down the Prophets Tomb

The Prophets tomb in Medina is today's biggest idol. Ironically, it also represents the most profound defiance against God and the Prophet Muhammad.


We know that Hadith is Satan’s invention attributed to the Prophet Muhammad in order to mislead the Muslims. They think that they love Muhammad, but

it is the same as the Christians’ love for Jesus. For those who believe in Hadith, here is a “Sahih” (authentic) Hadith from Bukhary's Volume 6, Page 14 (Al-Nawawy’s edition):

God has cursed the Jews and Christians, because they turned the tombs of their prophets into mosques

Translation: “God has cursed the Jews and Christians, because they turned the tombs of their prophets into mosques”!!!