January 1989: Page 1, 2, 3, 4

Submitters Perspective

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Tariq Quraishi of ISNA


As a leader of ISNA, and shaper of its policies and doctrines, Tariq Quraishi has insulted God and His prophet Muhammad in the December issue of SATANIC HORIZONS.

Quraishi declared on Page 46 that the job of God's courier (messenger of God) is a lowly job; not good enough for Muhammad.

Either Quraishi is so utterly ignorant of the Quran, or so utterly blinded by his idolization of Muhammad, that he could not recall God's repeated assertions throughout the Quran that "The sole duty of the messenger is to deliver the message" (3:20, 5:99, 13:40, 16:35, 16:82, 24:54,

29:18, 36:17, 42:48, 64:12). Here it is in Arabic for the world to see and to discover Quraishi's blasphemy:

Arabic 5:99 (part)

According to Mr. Quraishi, if God chose him, Quraishi, to be His courier, he would probably say something like this: "No thanks; this is too lowly for me. Just a courier?!!"

Even the title of his article is blasphemous: "SUNNA, THE CHILD OF THE QURAN." Not so

strangely, it sure sounds like the Christian blasphemy: "Jesus, the child of God."

    Another gross blasphemy is found on Page 48 of Quraishi's article. Despite God's assertions throughout the Quran that it is "Complete, perfect, and FULLY DETAILED," Quraishi again challenges God, and declares that this is not true!!! Please look up verse 6:114 in any translation, then reflect on Quraishi's blasphemy on Page 48: Quraishi says, "The Quran is silent on the methodology." Obviously, he is not aware that the Quran teaches us that the detailed methodology was delivered through Abraham, the original messenger of Islam (see 21:73 and 22:78)


Al-Hamdu Lillah, God has brought out the truth, and demonstrated in a most profound manner that today's "Muslims" have deviated totally from the Islam preached by Muhammad.

The latest issue of ISNA's SATANIC HORIZONS is replete with blasphemies against God, Muhammad, and the Quran. The front page and this page of M.P. are just a few examples of ISNA's idolatry and open war against God and His messenger.

On pages 59-61 of ISNA's Horizons, we read an

article in praise of 'Aisha. On Page 61, they say, Muslims owe 'Aisha a great debt." Presumably, because many Hadiths are attributed to her, as written by Bukhary more than 200 years after her death.

That they love 'Aisha so much, even though they never met her, is fine. But the gross blasphemy was committed in that article against the Quran. On the front page of that article, ISNA placed a beautiful frame with a beautiful calligraphic rendering of the

words: "God then accepted her a gracious acceptance," from Sura 3, Verse 37. This verse happens to refer to Mary.

What is ISNA trying to do? Obviously, they are trying to mislead the poor Muslims who are not well acquainted with the Quran. They are trying to give the impression that God has accepted 'Aisha a gracious acceptance. How far can one go in praising his idol? Can one go as far as abusing God's words, and distorting them, as ISNA has done?

This criticism of ISNA is written in the hopes that the sincere Muslims out there may discover the proven truth that Satan has succeeded in duping millions of us into disobeying God and His messenger. “Those who disobey God and His messenger have incurred Hell, wherein they abide forever” (72:23). May God guide us all.