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Submitters Perspective

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Happiness is
Submission to God Alone

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A vast mathematical system pervades the Quran and serves to guard and to authenticate the divine origin of every single element in it.

A few years after the prophet Muhammad's death, some scribes injected two false verses at the end of sura 9, the last sura revealed in Medina. The evidence presented in this Footnote illustrates a major function of the Quran's awesome mathematical code, namely, to protect the Quran from the slightest tampering, while at the same time proving the authenticity of every single letter in the Quran. Thus, the code rejects ONLY the false injections 9:128-129.

Surely, we have revealed this message, and surely, we will preserve it.  [15:9]

The Quran is God's Final Testament to His creation.Hence the divine pledge to keep it perfectly preserved till the end of the world.

To assure us of the divine authorship, and the perfect preservation of the Quran, the Almighty author rendered the Quran mathematically

composed. As unequivocally proven  by the physical evidence in Appendix One, such mathematical composition is far beyond human capabilities.

Obviously, the slightest violation of God's Final Message is destined to stand out in glaring disharmony. Since the Quran's guardian code is mathematical, a deviation by only 1

utterly destroys the system.

A few years after the Prophet Muhammad’s death, during the reign of Khalifa 'Othman lbn ‘Affaan, a committee of scribes was appointed by the Khalifa to make several copies of the Quran to be dispatched to the new Muslim lands. The copies were to be made from the original Quran which was written by Muhammad's hand (Appendix 28).

Send for full details of the crime that led to the assassination of Khalifa Uthman, the installation of Ali as the fourth Khalifa, the assassination of Ali, followed by 50 years of bitter war, culminating in the martyrdom of Hussein and the massacre of the Prophet's family. 76 profound miracles proving that verses 9:128-129 do not belong in the Quran. Reprinted from R. Khalifa's new translation of the Quran. Send $3.00 to cover the cost of reproduction (25-page booklet).