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Submitters Perspective

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Elite of the Elite (56:10):

Letters of Support from All Over the World

From Australia:

Dear Brother Rashad:

You have my full support no matter what you do. I acknowledge that you are a messenger of Allah and thank Allah for providing you to perpetuate, rectify and present the message to a new world and generations.

From Manila:

Dear Bro. Rashad, The Messenger of Allah:

Since the day I’ve learned and accepted your messengership, my ways in life have changed. I’ve devoted part of my time to praying, searching for the truth, Quranic reading, and purification of my belief. I am now able to face the daily life with peace, smile, and high hopes in the promised victory from Allah (S.W.T.)
Praise be to Allah (S.W.T.) and thanks be to Him for being very lucky to have known you in this world.

From Singapore:

Br Rashad Khalifa:

O you messenger, do not be saddened by those who hasten to disbelieve, among those who said, “We believe,” with their mouths, while their hearts disbelieved. [from Quran, 5:41]


From Florida:

Thank you very much for giving me so much of your time these last few weeks, and for the Quran and the other literature you’ve sent. I feel like my spirit has begun to soar at warp speed. ...you introduced me to the possibility of following God alone, without also bowing to the “scholars” and Hadith, and I felt an excitement, a quickening. Then, after much supplication and reading Quran, I began to pray to God alone, without associating His prophet Mohammed with Him in the prayer. I gradually felt as though the ground fell out from under me, while I secured an even stronger hold with God.

...Please forgive me for considering whether you could allow yourself to be placed in an exalted position, dear brother. LA ILAHA ILLA ALLAH. You have never pointed me in any direction but Allah, using the Quran as our criterion.

From Turkey:

Dear Brother Rashad:

Before receiving your message I was trying to devote the religion to God alone. And now, with the same goal, and with the condition that the Quran shall be the judge, I accept your messengership. I

don’t know English, but the information that I received until now has convinced my mind and my heart.

When someone comes to me and claims that he is God’s messenger, with warnings and a message from God, I cannot dismiss his claim and ignore him without listening to him and thinking about his claims in light of the Quran.

Praise be to God. He is the Greatest. He is fully aware of the innermost thoughts, and He never forsakes the sincere believers.

From Chicago.

Dear Rashad: Messenger of Almighty God.
I can almost sense God’s work, through you, beginning to overwhelm the minds. Like a snowball rolling down a great hill, becoming so large and gathering so much momentum that no opposition, IN SHAA ALLAH, will dare stand in the way.
May God continue to inspire you. Greetings to all the believers at Masjid Tucson.

This is only a small sample. Praise and glory be to God.

What did the disbelievers say?

Despite my challenge to them in the February issue of M.P. to “Give Me One - just one - Good Reason,” the disbelievers cannot come up with one - just one - reason as to why I could not possibly be God’s messenger!!!

Where are the “Muslim” scholars? Why do they not supply their followers with one - just one - reason in support of their stand? Their conspicuous silence is a great proof. The Quranic fact is: the truth must win, in accordance with God’s law (17:81, 21:18).

4th International Conference of the United Islamic Nation

September 1,2,3, 1989

Make your plans now to attend this historic event.

Supersaver fares on airlines require advance reservations; the earlier reservations are cheaper. Please let us know before the end of July.
Call Masjid Tucson for the details. Attendance is by invitation only.
Please mail your speech as soon as possible.