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Submitters Perspective

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World-Wide Recognition of God’s Messenger of the Covenant Must Come -- at the Right Time

Thank God for His perfect plan. There is so much work to be done, that a widespread recognition of His messenger, at the wrong time, would actually hinder the mission.

First and foremost: There was the purification of the Quran, followed by publishing the pure Arabic text, and its authorized English rendering. If I were recognized by a million people, they simply would have consumed all my time, leaving no time for the important work of translating and publishing God’s Final Testament.

As you all know, I enjoy meeting you at the airport, hosting you at Masjid Tucson, and I genuinely enjoy giving you the attention you deserve when you are in Tucson. There is no greater honor than serving and being in the company of the extremely fortunate believers named by Almighty God as “Al-Saabeqoon, Al-Saabeqoon,” who are God’s very special servants and the closest to Him. They are “Al-Muqarraboon.” (see 56:11).

I must add here that all of you have been truly sympathetic, compassionate and understanding, and this is my chance to tell you that I did notice, and I have been appreciative.

It is a matter of statistics; if there were a million of you at this time, I would have been overwhelmed by a greater number of honored guests who would totally consume the time needed for work.

There is so much work to be done. And I expect to devote a few more years to such work.

The main work has been completed, ALHAMDU

LILLAH. The momentous work of publishing the pure Quran for the first time,* together with its English rendering, has been done. You will have the book in your hands IN SHAA ALLAH within a few weeks.

The next project is to print and publish Lisa Spray’s book entitled, “Jesus.” This is a “Christian” country, and the people need to know God’s truth about Jesus. As you know, our first limited printing was exhausted in a couple of months. Those of you who are still waiting for a copy; there is light at the end of the tunnel. You will get your copy IN SHAA ALLAH by December 89.

Then comes the English CONCORDANCE OF THE QURAN. This is a big project that will enable anyone to find anything in the Quran; all you need is “one word.”

Representatives Around the World

Witness God’s perfect plan. He has blessed a few extremely fortunate believers in almost every country and placed them in key positions at central locations. They are the ambassadors of the perfected and purified Islam, and they are doing the God-guided job of helping the believers in their respective areas.

For example, in Nigeria, these fortunate ambassadors are placed in Lagos (the capital), Kano (the heart of the Muslim area), Minna (Niger State), Benin City, Funtua (Katsina State), Zara (Kaduna State), Sagamni (Ogun State), Sokoto, and in the far northeast corner of Maiduguri (Borno State). In

India, you will find the true believers in Bombay, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kerala, Madras. You will find them in Egypt, Iran, Lybia, Morocco, Pakistan, Europe, Ghana, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and some places I have never heard of.

But not a single Arab. In accordance with 47:38, and 54:43 (read also the 15 verses before 54:43), the Arabs have been dismissed from God’s grace. They will be annihilated in the same way God annihilated ‘Aad, Thamoud, and Pharaoh’s army.

By the Arabs I mean those from Arabia-the area bound by the Indian Ocean in the South, the Red Sea on the West, the Persian Gulf and the borders of Iran on the East, and the Southern borders of Turkey in the north.

*The pure Quran for the first time.

The prophet Muhammad lived forty years without the Quran. From the age of 40 to 53, he received about a third of the Quran. The rest was revealed in Medina, with the last revelation occurring only weeks before his death. The Prophet wrote the Quran with his own hand. But it was written in the chronological order, not in the final format that God intends for the world. When ‘Uthman appointed a committe to copy the Quran and put it in the right sequence, they committed the great blasphemy of adding 2 false verses (see past issues of M.P.).

The pure Quran never existed before now.