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God Defends the Believers [22:38]:

Vicious Attack Against Ahl-Al-Bait Refuted by God’s Truth

I just received a book entitled “Al-Khulafaa’ Al-Rashedoon,” by Abdul-Wahhab Al-Najjar (Dar Al-Kutub Al-‘Elmeyyah, Beirut). On Page 10, the author assaults the truth, and wages a vicious war on the memory of Ali Ibn Abi Taaleb and his family, the Prophet’s family.

In incredible hatred towards Ali and his family, this author writes: “Ali and his family considered the Khelaafah their inherited right. They were so extremely greedy for power, that they sacrificed their own lives and the lives of their children, and subjected their women to humiliation and captivity, only because they wanted the throne. The more they lost lives and dignity, the more they became even more greedy. Their greed for power was not curbed by all the killing of their family members, all the mutilation, persecution, and burning....!!”

Here Is the Truth

It is God’s will to proclaim the truth to the world, through His Mathematical Miracle of the Quran.

For we know now that Ali and his family sacrificed their lives not for power--never--but for the sake of God and His Quran. They wanted to correct the blasphemy committed by ‘Uthman’s scribes who added two false verses to the Quran (see M.P. Jan 89).

Ali and his family did not care at all about power, and the proof is evident from the fact that Ali was not the first Khalifa. He gave it willingly to Abu Bakr. Ali could have been the Khalifa if he only uttered the words: “I want to be the Khalifa.” Even after Abu Bakr’s death, he did not want the Khelaafah; he willingly gave it to Omar. Then he gave it to ‘Uthman. Ali did not want to be a Khalifa.

Only when the committee of scribes who were appointed by ‘'Uthman committed that great blasphemy of adding verses 9:128-129 to the Quran, only then, Ali accepted the Khelaafah. And only to restore the Quran.

Because Ali was not power-conscious, power-hungry, ‘Amr Ibn Al-‘Aas and the Umayyads tricked him into the infamous “Arbitration Treaty” (Al-Tahkeem).

If the author of that book had any brain, he would have read his own writings on Page 426 of his own book. On Page 426, he says: “When the Arbitration was written, Ali was described as ‘Ameer Al-Mu‘mineen.’ But ‘Amr Ibn Al-‘Aas protested that Ali was not the Umayyads Ameer, and demanded that Ali must be referred to as Ali Ibn Abee Taaleb, period. Al-Ahnaf Ibn Qais urged Ali not to agree with Ibn Al-‘Aas, but Ali went along with the change.”

Obviously, Ali, who was in fact Ameer Al-Mu’mineen, could have forced the issue and insisted on his rightful title. But he did not care about power. This glaring contradiction should have taught the author that Ali did not care about power at all.

Thus, God wills to proclaim the truth. We know now from Appendix 24 of the new translation of the Quran, being distributed by Masjid Tucson, that Ali, Hussein, and the whole family of the Prophet sacrificed their lives for no reason other than restoring the Quran to its pristine purity. We restored it.