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Submitters Perspective

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Mohamedans Insist Upon Going to Hell

A renowned Muslim scholar has "refuted" the overwhelmingly proven fact that I am God's Messenger of the Covenant on the basis that the Basmalah (Verse 1:1) does not consist of 19 letters, and that the Arabic name of the prophet Muhammad consists of 5 letters. My question to him and to all Mohamedans is: If I prove to you, incontrovertibly, that Basmalah does consist of 19 letters, and that Muhammad's name consists of 4 letters, will you accept the proven truth that I am God's messenger?

I just received an impolite letter from Dr. Assad Busool, Professor of Islamic Studies at Chicago's Islamic College, supposedly refuting my messengership. Dr. Busool says that since "the Basmalah consists of 22 letters, and the Arabic word "Mohamed  Arabic Mohamed" consists of 5 letters, the proof of my messengership has collapsed!!"

Thus, while Almighty God is revealing ever more powerful and ever more awesome miracles in the Quran, as reported in this bulletin, the Mohamedan scholars are still stuck in the most basic issues. They are still trying to count the number of letters in the first verse of the Quran. God is strengthening His great miracle (74:30-35), but the Mohamedans continue to reject it. They will have no excuse whatsoever for going to Hell.

Since the Mohamedan scholars readily confess that they do not know the number of letters in the first verse of the Quran, how can anyone depend on them to explain the rest of the Quran? In fact, they are stuck in the first letter of Basmalah. Dr. Busool counts the letters of "BISM Arabic Bsm"as 4, not 3. My question to him is: How many letters do you see in "BISM Arabic Bsm"of 1:1 and how many do you see in "BISM Arabic Basm"of 96:1??!!

The difference between "BISM" of 1:1 and "BISM" of 96:1 is so obvious, any pupil in First Grade can tell you that BISM of 1:1 consists of 3 letters, while BISM of 96:1 consists of 4 letters. I am reproducing here 1:1 and 96:1 as shown in the latest King Fahd printing:

Arabic Quran, 1:1

Verse 1:1

Arabic Quran 96:1

Verse 96:1

God Blocks Out the Idol Worshipers

According to Dr. Busool, the Basmalah consists of 22 letters, not 19. Therefore, I will simply show you the Basmalah according to Dr. Busool, and the Basmalah as written in the Quran.

 Dr. Busool's Arabic Basmalah

This is the Basmalah according to Dr. Busool.

Quran's Arabic Basmalah

This is the Basmalah as we see it in the Quran.

Is there any doubt that Dr. Busool is trying very hard to go to Hell? Indeed, one of the reasons for our being here is to show that God never puts anyone in Hell; people insist on going to Hell (see 11:101, 16:118, 43:76). God has sent a clear message, with clear proofs, and has supported His messenger with awesome miracles, but the humans insist on going to Hell.

Busool's Ultimate Lie

I have presented literally hundreds of irrefutable Quranic and mathematical proofs that I am God's Messenger of the Covenant prophesied in 3:81 (see Appendix 2 of my new translation of the Quran). Among the proofs is the fact that the root word of my name is mentioned in the Quran 19 times (INDEX TO THE WORDS OF QURAN, First Printing, Page 320). Also, when we add the gematrical value of the

three messengers of Islam, Abraham, Mohamed, and Rashad, as written in the Quran (21:51, 47:2, & 40:38), the total comes to 855, 19x45. Dr. Busool refutes this evidence on the basis that Mohamed's name consists of 5 letters, not 4!!! This makes the total value according to him 895, which is not a multiple of 19!!!

Dr. Busool's Arabic Muhammad

 The word "Muhammad" as proposed by Dr. Busool.

Arabic Muhammad as recognized by Muslims

The word "Muhammad" as recognized by all Muslims.

Any child in grade school knows that the Prophet's name consists of 4 letters. But the Quranic truth must be manifested: the Quran states in 18:56 that the disbelievers argue against the truth using falsehood and lies.

The issue is very simple

[1] The Quran informs us in 3:81 that God's Messenger of the Covenant will come after all the prophets have delivered all the scriptures.

[2] As confirmed by 33:7, Mohamed was one of the prophets who pledged to believe in and support God's Messenger of the Covenant.   
[3] Anyone who rejects these Quranic truths is no longer a Muslim (3:82-85).
[4] The Quran spells out the name of God's Messenger of the Covenant as "Rashad Khalifa" (see past issues of SP).
[5] The Quranic and mathematical evidence that Rashad Khalifa is God's Messenger of the Covenant is not subtle at all; it is utterly incontrovertible.

Why do the Muslim scholars resort to such glaring falsehood and lies? They want to ensure that their ultimate destiny is Hell.