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Edip Yuksel

Challenge to Ass ‘Ad Busool

I was truly surprised at the unbelievable stupidity of Dr. Ass 'Ad Busool of Chicago's Islamic College. In his so-called refutation of the Quran's mathematical miracle and Rashad's proven messengership, Dr. Busool claims that the Basmalah consists of 22 letters, and that the Prophet's name (Muhammad) consists of 5 letters. What is wrong with this guy? The strange thing is that in his letter, Dr. Busool cites Al-Qurtubi, one of his biggest idols, declaring that Basmalah consists of 19 letters!!! Dr. Busool was so blinded by his lies that this important confession slipped by him. At the bottom of this page, you see a photocopy of Busool's slip-of-the-truth, from Page 4 of his letter.

On the same page, Busool shamelessly quotes Ibn Kathir, knowing that Ibn Kathir declared that the earth is carried on the 40,000 horns of a giant bull!!!

Finally, I would like to ask Ass ‘Ad: Are you aware of Fakhrud Din Razi's exegesis on Basmalah? This big idol of yours informs you that Basmalah consists of 19 letters. Do you suppose Razi didn't know how to count? Do you think Razi was a follower of Rashad Khalifa?

I challenge Busool to a public debate.

Mehdi: Satanic Diversion

There is absolutely no way around the Quran's prophecy in 3:81 that a messenger will come after

Muhammad. From 3:81 and 33:7, we learn that God's Messenger of the Covenant is not Muhammad. Why then don't we see any trace of this messenger in the literature? How did such an important prophecy disappear? Since it is impossible for Satan to remove the Quranic prophecy, the devil resorted to a clever diversionary tactic. Through Hadith and other Mohamedan literature, Satan created a number of figures such as the Mehdi, Imam Zaman, Jesus, etc. to replace God's Messenger of the Covenant. Satan even reversed the definitions of "Nabi" and "Rasool." Thus, after the Prophet's death, the people started to wait for the expected Mehdi, Jesus, the 12th Imam, instead of God's Messenger of the Covenant.

Satan duped millions of Muslims into waiting for an imaginary, non-existent figure. There are numerous clues exposing the gradual development of this Satanic plot. For example, the early narrations called the expected savior "Mehdi Rasool." As a second step, Satan removed the word "Rasool" and called the expected figure just "Mehdi."

In a significant Hadith, the Prophet allegedly prophesies that Al-Khulafa' Al-Rashedoon will come after him, and their eras will be marked by peace, justice, and prosperity. Ironically 'Al-Khulafa' Al-Rashedoon" is the plural of Khalifa Rashed. Is it not significant that this name is so close to the name of God's Messenger of the Covenant?

Techno-Religious Problems

A few years ago, the leading Mohamedan scholars met in Pakistan to discuss Islamic issues. One of the

issues they discussed was the cutting off of the thief's hand. The problem some of them raised was that in this age of advanced medical technology the thief's hand can be re-attached. What do we do now??!! The mullas debated at length: should we allow such a surgery? Should we give the thief his hand back??!!

Another issue the mullas discussed:

Should we allow a menstruating woman to touch the computer, if the Quran is written on the computer's disc?!

Bukhari: No. 1 Enemy

While the Quran teaches that the Prophet was kind (3:159), Bukhari narrates hundreds of Hadiths showing that the Prophet was vicious and mean. For example, he ordered the killing of women and children "because they belonged with their disbelieving husbands and fathers!!!" (Bukhari's Jihad #146, Abu Dawud 113).


Just as it was in the time of Noah; only those who stand with God's Messenger of the Covenant will be saved.

As it was in the days of Noah, so it will he in the days of the Son of Man. They ate and drank right up to the day Noah entered the ark--and when the flood came, it destroyed them all.

Luke 17:22-36.

You can't make it on your own (4:115).


Our heartfelt thanks to all our brothers and sisters who participated in the 4th Conference of United Submitters Int'l, and made our wedding ceremony unforgettable.  [Edip & Apameh]

Al-Basmalah is nineteen letters according to the number of the angels of the people of Hell, who say all the time: 'BISMILLAHI ar-RaHMAN ar-RaHIM” which is the source of their power...Ibn 'Atiyah commented on this story:   This is of the witticism of Tafsir (interpretation) and not of the solid knowledge.  (al-Qurtubi, Tafsir, Dar al-Qalam, Cairo, 1980, vol. 1, p.92).