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Arabs & Math

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On the other hand !

Our Almighty Creator has proclaimed that "Only those who posses intelligence will take heed." (13:19).  Since the Arabs, without exceptions, have failed to take heed, this reflects their degree of intelligence. The cartoon shown on Page 1 was printed in almost every newspaper in America; it proclaims that the Arabs need a tutor in "Basic Math." Undoubtedly; this is divine intervention to let the world know that the Arabs have failed to understand His mathematical miracle.

Unacceptable Excuse

Some Arabs have stated that they reject the Quran's mathematical miracle because it proves Rashad's messengership [the root  word "Rashada" occurs in the Quran 19 times]. This is nonsense, because my first announcement of the miracle, for 5 years, was entitled: "The Perpetual Miracle of Muhammad."

But the Arabs still failed to see or understand the miracle - they are still counting the letters of Basmalah. This proves their genuine disbelief in God and His Quranic miracle.  God's infinite wisdom presented the truth gradually.

Arabs Dismissed from God's Grace

This is by no means my personal opinion; this is God's assertion and promise in the sura entitled "Muhammad" (47:38). God has warned the Arabs that if they turn away, He will dismiss them from His grace, and substitute better people in their place. There is no question that the Arabs have abandoned the Quran in favor of Satan's Hadith & Sunna.

The Quran specifically prophesies that the Arabs, specifically, have abandoned the Quran (25:30).

A Simple Quiz

Lest you may think that this is a racist editorial, just ask any Arab the following questions:

1. How many letters are in the first verse of Quran? [After 7 years of counting, they claim that the Basmalah consists of either 18, 21, or 22 letters, never 19! Thus they confess that they do not know.]

2. Is the number of suras in the Quran a multiple of 19? [Hint: 114 = 19x6].

3. According to "Hadith" and "Sunna" God instituted 50 prayers a day (they Moses helped Muhammad bargain with God until He reduced them to 5). Muhammad, they claim, accepted 50 prayers per day. The question is: "Do you know how

often you have to pray the 50 prayers?" [once every 28 minutes, day and night, no sleeping or eating, etc.!!]

4. According to Arabs' shari'a laws, anyone who cuts a woman's finger must pay her 10 camels, 20 camels for two fingers, 30 camels for 3 fingers, and 20 camels for 4 fingers!! Does this mean that if one cuts three fingers, he should cut one more finger for a cheaper penalty?

5. Do you know on what day Ramadan will begin in 1990/1410?

16. According to the Arabs' Hadith, "the prophet had 9 wives, and the sexual drive of 30 men!!!" The question is: What did he do with the other 21 drives?

7. According to Arabs, Ibn Hanbal memorized 1,000,000 Hadiths, including the chains of narrators.! How many books does this equal?  How long did it take? What happened to those Hadiths?

8. The Arabs claim that we must strictly follow the example of the Prophet (Sunna). They also claim that the Prophet was an illiterate man. Are the Arabs following the illiteracy example? Is this why they are mathematically illiterate? Do they know that Abu Lahab also had a beard?

Read 7:146, 17:45, 18:57, 27:82-84, 47:38


* Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Bahais, etc. have one thing in common: they all worship God.

* Most wars were fought in the name of religion, because of the Human Factor.

* Idolization of "The Human Factor" (Jesus, Muhammad, Mary, the saints, the scholars, etc.) divides the human race.

* If we devote our worship to God ALONE, and forget the Human Factor, we will be united into one human family.

* Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Muhammad, and the real saints wanted us to worship God ALONE.

* God guarantees a happy peaceful life for those who worship Him ALONE.