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Edip Yuksel

The Salman Rushdie Connection

One of the major events of 1989 was the Salman Rushdie affair. For six solid weeks, Rushdie and his book were in the headlines of all newspapers, TV and radio news, throughout the world. When I heard this news in Turkey, the first thing that came to my mind was Rashad and his new translation of the Quran, and the stunning discovery of the two satanic verses 9:128 -129.  In one of our Quranic studies in Istanbul, I told the believers that there is definitely a divine plan here, and a definite symbolic connection between Rashad and Rushdie. Both names have the same root which is mentioned in the Quran 19 times. Both Salman Rushdie and Rashad Khalifa have the same number of letters in their names, both in English (13 letters each) and in Arabic (9 letters each). The title of Rushdie's book (Satanic Verses) has been the main subject of research by Rashad since 1985. (Rashad published that 9:128-129 are Satanic Verses in the MUSLIM PERSPECTIVE of March 1985).

I told the group that satan wants to confuse the people and lead them to mix Rashad with Rushdie (just like claiming that the 19-based miracle was a Bahai plot). Rashad was planning to publish the new translation with the Arabic text purified, after removal of the Satanic Verses.

My friends did not give this matter any serious attention. Four days later, however, my theory was confirmed. 38 so- called Muslim 'Ulema met in Saudi Arabia under the chairmanship of the notorious Sheikh Abdul Aziz ben Baz to discuss the

Rushdie disaster, and ended up condemning both Rushdie and Rashad, and calling for killing them!!

That meeting was held on March 19, and the number of participating 'Ulema was 19x2. Their meeting made headlines around the Muslim world.

Later developments removed all doubt regarding the connection, in God's plan, between Rushdie's affair and Rashad's upcoming translation. A few days later, the international organization called "Article 19" launched a campaign in defense of Salman Rushdie (Article 19 of the Human Rights Charter of the U.N. guarantees freedom of expression). The whole world saw many famous writers defend Rushdie, with a great big poster behind them carrying nothing but a huge "19." All doubt was gone when we saw this. The Rushdie matter is definitely a divine plan in preparation for the greatest event in this century: Publication of the purified Quran and its authorized English version.

As it turns out, Rushdie's birthday is March 19, and Rashad’s birthday is November 19. Rushdie's book sells for $19.95 (95 = 19x5), and Rashad's new translation sells for $57.00(19x3).

The Iran vs Rushdie round has ended, and now we await the Arabs-vs-Rashad round. The  outcome. of  the  Rashad/Arabs confrontation is already prophesied in the Quran (See 37:171-173, 40:51, 58:21, 86:15-16, 110:1-3).

Quraish  & today's Mohamedans

I used to believe that Quraish worshiped statues. A careful study of the Quran, however, reveals that this is a satanic trick fabricated by Mohamedans to justify their brand of idolatry. Thus, they can say, "We do not worship statues. We are not idol worshipers." As stated in Quran 57:14, they are deceived by wishful thinking. No where in the

Quran do we see that Quraish worshiped statues (Asnaam in Arabic). On the contrary, the Quran tells the Quraishy idol worshipers that they simply "fabricated the names of Allaat, Al-'Uzzah, and Manat" (53:23). Those idol worshipers fabricated those names and considered them to be God's daughters (God be glorified). They believed in intercession by Allaat, Manaat, and 'Uzzah in much the same way today's Mohamedans believe in Mohamed's intercession (Shafaa'ah).

The attempt by Mohamedans to redefine idol worship in order to justify their own idolatry has backfired.

Their Most Authentic Hadith

It is the alleged final sermon (Khutba) of the Prophet (Khutbat Al-Wadaa'). This great and historic event is reported in many important books of Hadith, including Muslim, Muwatta', Ibn Majah, Abu Dawud, Ahmed Ibn Hanbal. The big problem is: these books report three vastly different doctrines from this historic sermon which was witnessed by 100,000 witnesses (most Hadiths were supposedly witnessed by 2 or 3 people). In fact, the main topic in that all- important sermon gives three contradicting commandments. Here is what the Prophet allegedly said:

(1) "I am leaving you two things that you must uphold, the Quran and my Sunnah" (according to Muwatta' 46/3).

(2) "I am leaving for you the Quran and my relatives (Ahl Al-Bait)"(according to Muslim 44/4, #2408, Ibn Hanbal 4/366).

(3) "1 am leaving for you the Quran; you shall uphold it" (according to Muslim 15/19, #1218, Ibn Majah 25/84, #3074).

Which one of the 3 is correct?!! Can we trust their most authentic Hadith?  Which Hadith can we trust beside Quran (45:6)?.