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Submitters Perspective

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A new magazine named FURQAN has come out of Kuwait, under the editorial supervision of the notorious Shaykh Bin Baz of Saudi Arabia.

On page 61 of issue No. 4, we read the following advice concerning the problem of lack of concentration during the contact prayers (Salat): FURQAN states that the Prophet said in a Hadith that this problem is due to devil named “Khanzab.” To get rid of Khanzab, you must look at your left side before you start the prayer, and say, “I seek refuge in God from you, Khanzab.” Then you must spit three times over your left shoulder!!

There you have it from the Prophet himself!!! But I wonder: does Khanzab exist everywhere? And what if the person standing to my left in the prayer is bigger than me; do I still spit three times?



Since my divinely commanded announcement in May 1988 that I am God’s messenger of the Covenant (3:81), I have presented hundreds of incontrovertible mathematical and Quranic proofs in support of my messengership. In the February 1989 issue of the Perspective, I challenged the disbelievers to “GIVE ME ONE GOOD REASON” (19 letters) why I could not be God’s messenger.

In a letter dated July 9, 1989, Mr. Sabah El-Deen Karam. President of the Austin (Texas) Mosque, sent what he believes to be two good reasons. According to him, Verses 21:107 and 17:15 prove that “neither you, nor anyone else could be God’s messenger because that messenger to all mankind,

that final messenger would be followed by the ultimate retribution viz Day of Resurrection. It is obvious that Day has not come yet.”!!!

Mr. Karam adds: “Also concerning the root words of Rashad and Khalifa occurring in the Quran in multiples of 19, you probably have not observed that the root of every word in the Quran occurs in multiples of 19! So it is true of every Muslim name as it is true for yours.”

I immediately checked the root word of  Mr. Karam, and I found that the root of his first name “Sabah” occurs 45 times, not a multiple of 19. The root of his last name “Karam” occurs 48 times, not a multiple of 19. Even his middle name “Deen” occurs 94 times, not a multiple of 19. I guess his name is not a Muslim name.

Thus, the challenge continues.

I am still waiting.


Letters from every corner of the globe continue to pour in and make my day every day. It is extremely heartening to see true believers, truly blessed by the Almighty, coming from all walks of life, from all corners of the world.

From Nigeria

Dear Messenger of God:

May Allah bless and guide you. From your books, journals, and publications which I have read I am fully convinced that you are indeed the messenger of Allah (SWT). Of course it would be very difficult for the traditional muslims to accept most of the things you write or say. This is because they have been taught the wrong Shahadah, the wrong way to perform the contact prayers (Salat), the wrong way to perform the ablution, and were taught to idolize the Prophet against his will. They were taught many other things that are completely inconsistent with the Quran. I used to belong to the traditionalists’ group but God out of His infinite mercy and wisdom has shown me the true guidance and light.

Alhamdu Lillah. Allahu Akbar.

From Australia

It is now official:

Mohamedans Claim: Two Books of God;  Quran & Hadith!!!

Dear Brother Rashad:

I have just been told that I have been banned from visiting the Muslim Converts Association of Singapore FOR LIFE. The committe has had an emergency meeting and came to that decision. In Singapore, seemingly the world capital of Hadithists, they are re-publishing “The Mischief of Rejection of Hadith.”

…I couldn’t believe it. According to the Hadithists – it is official – we now have 2 books of God – QURAN & HADITH.

Strange as it may seem this claim appears on Page 38 (19x2). Quote: “The word of the Prophet is also the word of God. Hence, both are words of God: the Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet.”

From all of this, it would appear that the raving Hadithists are now caught between a rock and a hard place. They are faced with hundreds of Ahadith that are indecent or far fetched. This means

that all Ahadith are acceptable (no matter how far fetched) as they believe them to be the word of God, equal in status to Quran itself.

But the worst Hadithist claim is yet to come. Quote: “Now what remains to be proved is that even if the word of the Prophet (peace etc) is opposed to the Quran, it is still HUJJAT.”

Peter Green

From Switzerland

Dear Rashad:

Many warm thanks for the July Perspective. The article of Feroz Karmally, “A Time to Reflect,” was very good. It is of paramount importance that these facts are printed out, once and for all, in such a clear and logic way. I am so very happy to be true believer in the Quran, and in the messengership of Rashad Khalifa, which is indisputable, beyond any doubt. I thank God frequently for having guided me in this path.

Eric Tornwall

I am sending my messenger to prepare the way before me. [Malachi 3:1]