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Edip Yuksel

Satanic Practice

Let’s look at two verses from Quran, then look at the practices of muslims.

“…This is a profound message; a profound Quran. To warn those who are alive, and condemn the disbelievers.” (36:70)

This is the only verse stating that the Quran came for the living, as the Quran considers the disbelievers to be dead. This verse is in Sura Ya Seen. Ironically, the so-called Muslims have made it a tradition to recite this particular sura for the dead. In the so-called Muslim countries, even Muslims who never open the Quran once in their life know that Sura Ya Seen is the Sura for the dead. According to Hadith and Sunna, this Sura which describes Quran as a warning for the living, has been dedicated for the dead!

Great Discoveries by Arabs

A magazine named “Iqra Annual” published by Sunni Arabs, in its Ramadan 1989 issue declared war against the Messenger of God: “…We dedicate the cover of this IQRA ANNUAL issue to the theme of ‘UNITY’: unity of the Ummah against all forms of evil, injustice, oppression and hypocrisy; unity of the ummah to reject all false ‘messengers’ like Rashad Khalifa, and unity of the ummah… ”

After a glance at this Arab Magazine, I learned a lot about Holy Arabs. I am quoting here two

paragraphs that appear under the title “You should know”:

* “Arab Mariners and explorers had a very wide knowledge of the seas and oceans. The greatest discovery of the Arabs is that the oceans are connected with one another.” [amazing discovery!]

* “Modern research has proved beyond doubt that Arabs had discovered America. The latest research on the subject had gone a step further and has established that the Arabs had discovered America five centuries before Columbus.”

In the same issue we see the latest great discovery of Arabs is astronomy:

“Insha’a Allah, the first of Ramadan Mubarek will fall either on April 6, 7, or 8, 1989, depending on when the moon is sighted.”

This is only a minute sample of the discoveries by people whose first discovery has been Hadith and Sunna.

Perhaps they should look at any issue of the WASHINGTON POST to see the precise times of rising and setting of the whole solar system – the sun, moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, etc. It would be embarrassing if such people agreed with Rashad. Thank God they don’t!

Math’cal Miracle of Hadith!!

The followers of Hadith & Sunna have been very upset since the discovery of a miraculous mathematical structure in the Quran. They declared that Hadith is equal to the Quran (see

Page 3 of this issue and the August Perspective), and therefore must be similar to Quran in every respect. But Hadith has no mathematical connection!

I have good news for the Hadithists. We have found an amazing mathematical phenomenon in Hadith. In the renowned Muwatta of Malik (43/11) and Musnad of Ahmed Ibn Hanbal (2/182) we find that the punishment for cutting the fingers of awoman is to pay her:

10 camels for one finger,
20 camels for two fingers,
30 camels for three fingers, and
20 camels for four fingers,

This is their Shari‘a law (by their own confession, they are Sunnis, not Muslims). The peculiar reduction for 4 fingers can’t be coincidental, there must be a mathematical miracle somewhere!!! The only problem is, if the criminal cuts three fingers of the victim, it would be cheaper for him to cut one more finger!! Another Question: Do the Sunni scholars realize that the woman actually has five fingers in each hand??!! How many camels for 5 fingers? We are waiting for their Ijtihaad.

Muhammed will intercede

This may be a confusing title, but this is precisely what I mean to say. We learn from Quran that Muhammed will intercede for his people:

The messenger will say, “My Lord; my people have abandoned this Quran.” Thus, Muhammed’s intercession (Shafaa‘ah) is the exact opposite of what his idolizers expect.