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Submitters Perspective

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David Dixon's Discovery

While studying medicine in Toledo, Ohio, David found time to reflect upon the suras whose numbers, plus their number of verses add up to a multiple of 19. He noted that there are 12 such suras. They are suras 6, 15, 21, 39, 41, 42, 50, 55, 56, 70, 88, and 107. See Table.

This fact in itself was discovered earlier by Sister Ihsan Ramadan. The new thing  that David discovered was that the multiplication factors of these 12 suras also add up to a multiple of 19.

The sum of all the sura numbers and numbers of verses all 12 suras is 1444,and this sum equals 19x19x4.

Allahu Akbar.

1. Sum No. 2. No. of Verses Sum (1+2) Factor
6 165 171 = 19 x 9
1599 114 = 19 x 6
21112 133 = 19 x 7
3975 114 = 19 x 6
4154   95 = 19 x 5
4253   95 = 19 x 5
5045   95 = 19 x 5
5578 133 = 19 x 7
5696 152 = 19 x 8
7044 114 = 19 x 6
8826 114 = 19 x 6
1077 114 = 19 x 6
Sum of the multiplication  factors =     19 x 4 76


The last revelation in the Quran was Sura 110, entitled 'Victory" (Al-Nasr). This sura consists of 19 words; the first verse "God's victory will surely come" consists of 19 Arabic letters. Since we are the generation of believers blessed with God's 19-based miracle, this sura is talking about us; VICTORY BELONGS TO US.

God's truthful promise guarantees victory, dignity, and support for the believers. God's support for His devotees who are blessed with the Quran's 19-based miracle is very special. For, this time, multitudes of people shall be blessed with God's guidance and grace. Millions of people are destined to embrace God's religion, the only religion acceptable to God, Submission.

Submission is God's unified and consolidated religion. According to God's perfect plan, the prophets delivered all the scriptures, then He sent a unifying and consolidating messenger - His Messenger of the Covenant.

The Corruption of Religion

Even during Moses' lifetime, and despite the witnessing of numerous profound miracles -- including the parting of the Red Sea -- Moses' followers worshiped the calf.  At the end of Moses' mission,

only two people believed with Moses and Aaron, out of about a hundred-thousand    (5:23-25).

Jesus' Dozen

Despite God's profound miracles manifested through Jesus Christ, only a dozen disciples believed with him by the time he departed. A few years alter his departure, Christianity became corrupted beyond recognition.

Muhammad's Struggle

Muhammad declared to his close relatives and friends that he was God's messenger, and urged them to keep this fact a guarded secret. After three years, the secret became known, and with that a tremendous and vicious persecution poured upon the Prophet and his followers. The Prophet endured severe persecution for ten years, culminating in an attempt to kill him. That is when he fled his hometown to Medina. The persecution and war continued, even in Medina.

A few years after Muhammad’s death, the Muslims began to idolize him, to the point of distorting the Quran; they added two false verses at the end of the last Medinan sura (Sura 9) in honor of their idol. Thus, Islam became corrupted within two decades after the Prophet’s death.

Victory Belongs to Us

The great victory reported in the 19-worded Sura 110 belongs to us. What is happening now, and since the first year of the 15th Islamic Century (1400 AH) is:

[1] Distinguishing God's very special servants: These are the believers who saw the truth and upheld in the face of vicious and severe persecution and insults.

[2] Confirming the wickedness of God's enemies who oppose His great miracle.

[3] Giving me a chance to complete the required work, before millions join us.