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In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Submitters Perspective

Monthly Bulletin of United Submitters International ***

Proclaiming the only religion acceptable to God

January 1990      Special Bonus Issue

[No 62]

Jumada II 1410

Editor: Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D., God's Messenger of the Covenant.

New Major Discovery:

Edip Yuksel Discovers Solid Proof That "The Key" Must be in Arabic

In the last few issues of SP, we have witnessed the "Miracle of Miracles." The first sura in the Quran is mathematically composed in a manner that challenges and stumps the greatest mathematicians on earth. Now we appreciate the fact that when we recite Sura 1, "The Key," during our Contact Prayers, something happens in the universe, and we establish contact with our Creator. The result is perfect happiness, now and forever. By contacting our Almighty Creator 5 times a day, we nourish and develop our souls in preparation for the Big Day when we meet God. Only those who nourish their souls will be able to withstand and enjoy the physical presence of Almighty God.

All submitters, of all nationalities, recite the words of "The Key" which were written by God Himself, and given to us to establish contact with Him  (2:37)

Edip's discovery adds to the awesomeness of "The Key" and proclaims clearly that it must be recited in Arabic.


When you recite "The Key" in Arabic, your lips touch each other precisely 19 times.


      Your lips touch each other where the letters "B" and "M" occur. These are 4 "B's" and 15 "M's" and this adds up to 19.
The gematrical value of the 4 "B's" is 4x2= 8 and the gematrical value of the 15 "M's" is 15x40 = 600. The total gematrical value of the  4 "B's" and 15 "M's" is 608,  that is 19x32.

12 Na’buduB2
15 An’amta M40
16 ‘AlayhimM40
608 (19 X 32)

Abdullah Arik's Latest Discovery:


17 1 2 [*][*] 2 4 [*][*][*][*] 3 4 [*][*][*][*] 4 3 [*[[*[[*] 5 4 [*][*][*][*]

This long number (6346 digits, or 19x244) consists of the total number of "Keys" (Faatihas) in the 5 prayers (17), followed by the number of the first prayer (1), followed by the number of units in the first prayer (2), followed by the number of "Keys" (Sura 1) that we recite in this prayer, followed by the number of the second prayer (2), and so on to the last prayer. This very long  number is a multiple  of  19. Please note that  each [*] = 1 7 1 19 2 60 40 1 30 30 5 1 30….30 10 50. [*] represents one "Key" consisting of the number of Sura 1, followed by the number of its verses (7), followed by the number of the first verse, followed by the number of letters in Verse 1, followed by the gematrical value of every individual letter in Verse 1, followed by the number of Verse 2, then the number of letters in Verse 2, then the value of every individual letter in Verse 2, and so on to the end of Sura 1. Please note that any representation of Sura 1 can replace the [*] without affecting the outcome; all of them give multiples of 19. For example, a short representation of "The Key" consists of the Sura number (1), followed by the number of verses (7), followed by the total number of letters in Sura 1 (139), followed by the total gematrical value of the whole sura (10143). The resulting number (1713910143) can also represent [*]. Since the Friday prayer consists of two sermons and two Rak'aas (total is still 4 units), we read only 15 "Keys" on Friday, compared with 17 on the other days. Abdullah Arik discovered that if we replace the 17 in the long number at the top of this article, we must remove two "Keys" from the noon prayer to get a multiple of 19. This confirms the Friday Prayer, at noon, with 2 "Keys." The long number shown below represents Friday's five prayers; it is a multiple of 19.

1 5 1 2 [*][*] 2 4 [*][*] 3 4 [*][*][*][*] 4 3 [*[[*[[*] 5 4 [*][*][*][*]

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