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Submitters Perspective

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Submission to God Alone

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Letters of Support from all Corners of the World

From Ramallah, Palestine
A Prominent Lawyer Writes

The Messenger of God
Rashad Khalifa.

Dear Sir:

I have read with great interest your Muslim Perspective of August 1988 and was so impressed that I decided to write you this letter, hoping to receive a positive reply.

I would be grateful if you would kindly send me all the material you have so far issued concerning the miracle of “19” and other material concerning your message.

…I strongly believe that your miracle will certainly have a great impact on the future of humanity.

From Vancouver, Canada

I have just come out of the most accelerating experience of my life. After being back for 2 days I am still high on that feeling. Thanks to all of you for making it the most special 3 days and above all thanks to Allah for making it all possible.
(another letter from Rukhsana)

The contentment and inner glow of being in Tucson, in the midst of our believing family has left a warm spark within me and will hopefully last till April, when I hope I can see you all again – with heartfelt thanks.


Dear Rashad:

We had a wonderful time and didn’t want to leave Tucson. Anyway, Allah Subhanahu-wa-Ta‘ala had other plans for us.

We miss all of you very much and Insha Allah we’ll see you soon. We are counting the days to be there for Ramadan.

[Batool Karmally]

From Australia
(Persecution of the Believers)

Dear Messenger of Allah:

Brother Khalifa:

Allah’s blessings to you and in your endeavor to propagate the teachings of the holy Quran to the world.

By Allah’s grace, my family and I have migrated to Australia. The weather is sunny and the children are enjoying it very much. The reason I migrated: I was working for the national Islamic body in New Zealand. After reading your numerous issues of “Submission Perspective” I came to realize it was virtually impossible for me to continue to work within idol-worshiping organization. Each day I felt restricted to make comments regarding my belief solely on the Quran. It was announced also at the Wellington Masjid that your copy of the holy

Quran is heretical, and was therefore denounced as anti-Islamic. After the announcement, I managed by Allah’s grace to resign and took a flight to Australia to start a new life. It was a difficult decision especially as we knew of no one to assist us there – Allah suffices as helper and Supporter.

Our one regret of leaving New Zealand is to part with Brother Muhammad Yusuf and his family. He has been and still is working ardently to propagate the teachings of Quran. I do not need to tell of the rejection, the insult and abuse we both received in trying to spread the message of the Quran alone.

On my part, I have sold your books and loaned several video cassettes to numerous people. My action was brought to the attention of the National Religious Organization of New Zealand (FIANZ). I was told to cease my activities. The “19 Theory” was brushed aside without them performing any research on it and they denounced you on your claim of being Allah’s messenger. Their rejection of the “19 miracle” especially by well educated people – doctors, teachers, etc. – had no solid base or any foundation which can back it up. It was then that I realized I must release myself from such people in order to be able to be free to learn and study without hinderance the true message of Islam.

Thank you for clearing all the misconceptions of Islam that exist today in the Islamic World.