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MASJID TUCSON United Submitters International
PO Box 43476 Tucson AZ 85733-3476 USA
Tel/Fax: (520) 323 7636
Masjid Tucson site: http://www.masjidtucson.org
Masjid Tucson e-mail: info@masjidtucson.org
ISSN 1089-053X
Happiness is
Submission to God Alone
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$12/yr. U.S., Canada and Mexico, $19/yr. overseas.

9th Annual
International Conference of United Submitters
July 15-17, 1994    Bellingham, WA

God willing, make your plans to attend this important event and to meet submitters from all over the world. Attendance is by invitation and prior registration only. If you  would like to attend the conference but did not receive the registration form, please contact us immediately.

Bellingham is a beautiful town in the state of Washington. Those of you who will be coming by air can either fly to Vancouver, B.C., Canada, or to Seattle, Washington. We were informed that there are shuttle services from both airports to the conference site.  You should have more information on the shuttle service when you receive your information package.

There is a $10 per person registration fee. The registration deadline is June 30, 1994. Pre-registration is an absolute must. The registration fee must be sent in with the registration forms.
Note: For those who are concerned with cost savings, there is a greater saving to be had in sharing accommodation for more than two people when registered as a family of four or six. There is also limited financial assistance available. For more information, call USIS in Vancouver, Canada (604) 594-0559.

Seminar: Mathematical Miracle of the Quran

A seminar will be given by brother Milan Sulc from Switzerland about the mathematical structure of the Quran. This seminar is free for the participants of the conference, and it will be held in the conference site in July 12-14. If there is sufficient interest, the same seminar will be held again in July 18-20. If you need more information or have questions about this seminar, please contact us.


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